7 Ways to Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy in 2015

//7 Ways to Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy in 2015

7 Ways to Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy in 2015

Content Marketing Strategy for 2015

Your content marketing strategy can make or break your efforts in 2015. Social media is becoming a more important role in bringing customers to your site. When posting topics you have to be quick, to the point and relevant. You also want to peek your viewers’ interest so you can keep them coming back. That requires a good content marketing strategy. Here is 7 ways to improve your content marketing strategy, just in time for 2015.

1. Make your site mobile ready

About 40% of all views are coming from mobile phones. Many companies unfortunately make the mistake of not having their website compatible to these devices. By not being able to easily access the site, most consumers will click away, often leaving with a bad impression of the website and company. Once your first impression is ruined, it is extremely hard to change it so make your first impression counts. Most website templates now a days come with a responsive layout that will take care of this problem.

2. Make information accessible

Even if your website is mobile, your products and information has to be easy to find. The more clicks the customer has to make to find what they need, the less likely they will buy. Having a table of contents on the top and on the side of the webpage is helpful in these situations, as customers can easily find and click on what they need. Here is a useful tip: have someone you know browse through the site looking for something. If it takes more then 3 minutes to find the proper information or product, your website needs some reconstruction.

3. Earn their trust

Customers like companies that they can rely on. They can not rely on a company without trust. To build trust, they need proof that you are a quality website/company. For this, many consumers go to reviews and testimonials on the website. Negative reviews can change the way someone looks at your company, and you may even lose customers.

Give the best customer service and products as you can, and positive reviews will flow your way. You can also have your site McAfee Assured, as proof that there are no virus’s on the website. This gives visitors a sigh of relief, and makes them more open to trying your products and services. Once you build trust, customers typically keep coming back.

4. Utilize social media

Most people are on social media at least once a day. Social media like Instagram, Facebook, etc. can be used to give your company some needed exposure. Regular posting about the company will spread the word. Once it has been shared, commented on, and given reviews your company will have the chance to thrive.

Through this method, you are better able to spread the word and get people interested in what the company is all about. If your website does not use social media, it can give consumers the impression that the business is not serious enough or unreliable. This is one of the top methods for getting traffic to your site.

5. Use your brand

There is a chance someone might steal an article or picture off of your site. If that happens, people should know who originally wrote the article. By using your name or logo on pictures and articles, it increases traffic flow to the business’ site as potential consumers have a need to know where the content originates from. This is often times called “Watermarking“.

6. Be relevant

Consumers love business’ that can relate to them. Hot Topic thrives because of how relatable they are to teens and their needs. The more relatable you are, the more customers you can attract. To start off, try have articles or information that is commonly searched. If you have a landscaping business, try having information on “How to Protect Gardens During Extreme Weather” or perhaps you have a cake decorating business, you can try “How to Decorate a Cake”. These articles will draw potential customers in as they are googling these topics. I will note here that you shouldn’t be this broad. Specific detailed topics tend to do better and are less competitive.

7. Quality is key

Websites often make the mistake of adding more content than is needed on a site just for the sake of having more content. Usually this content is not favorable as Google and other search engines consider it low quality. It is okay to have a smaller amount of content on a website, as long as what is on the website is relevant and high quality. When consumers are googling something, they are looking for quality in their information, not quantity.

Poor quality content tends to give the consumer the wrong impression. If the quality of their content isn’t good, how can I trust that their products or services will be? To have excellent content, keep content short and to the point. Give customers what they are looking for, not just filler. Better information keeps customers coming back.


Improving your content marketing strategy can greatly affect the amount of traffic going through a website per day. Without marketing, how can consumers find your business? They can’t. These marketing strategies will help you enlighten visitors and grow the reputation of your website, and just in time for 2015. Once you are out there, customers will keep coming back. What is your business waiting for? Get out there and show people what your business has to offer!