Top 10 Tips For Building An Effective Email List

//Top 10 Tips For Building An Effective Email List

Top 10 Tips For Building An Effective Email List

Building an Effective Email List – 10 Tips

One of the most effective marketing strategies for a business is a good and healthy email list. Building an effective email list allows you to directly market your product or service to your customers while providing brand name recognition on an ongoing basis. Unfortunately, while this may be one of the most profitable methods of advertising, it is also one of the most difficult and misunderstood methods as well. A good understanding of how to build an email list and keep it going is essential. This article will provide you with some essential tips on how to build and grow your email list.

Keep in mind, when building your email list that you should always act responsibly, never spamming an email address with unwanted email (this will have a negative impact on your business) and only putting those people who request to be subscribed on your email list.

1. Web Site Signup

Your web site is often the best place to offer your customers the opportunity to sign up for your email list. This option should be offered throughout your site. You should provide the customer with information on what to expect in your emails, how often they will receive your emails and why they should sign up for your emails. This should never be “forced” on any customer, by requiring an email address, such as on an order form or signing up for your website. It should always be optional and presented in a way that allows the customer to benefit from being on your email list.

2. Make it part of the registration process

While it is highly advisable to never force your customers to provide email addresses to be put on your email list, you should consider making it a voluntary part of your registration process for your website. Allowing the customer to sign up at the point of registration is highly effective in building a good list, in both quality and quantity.

3. Direct Mail Signup

Catalogs, invoices and any other “snail mail” correspondence can be a great way to allow customers to sign up for your email list. By providing a simple check box and place for them to put their email address, you can offer them the opportunity to be put on your exclusive email list. This can be provided on bills, on invoices and on subscription renewals and just about any other place where the customer is likely to send a form back to your company.

Be sure to include the benefits of signing up for your particular email list so that your customer will want to be added to this list. Something to keep in mind, when using this method, is to add the customer as soon as possible. If you let too much time go by, the customer may have completely forgotten about your email list and may put it in their spam folder.

4. Call Center Signups

Customers are often very receptive to signing up for your email list during standard customer service calls. Have a policy in place for your call center representatives to offer placement on your email list in a friendly manner. Train the CSR to educate your customers on the benefits of being placed on your list and to be enthusiastic about your email list.

5. Point of sale signup

If your business is a retail business, one highly effective way to get your email list out there is through point of sale sign-ups. Make signing up for your email list part of the check-out process. This will require you to train your associates to ask every customer for their email address, explaining why they would want to be put on your list and to be sure to read back their email address to correct any possible spelling mistakes.

You should also think about promoting your email list through promotional signs and flyers within your business. One technology you can utilize is Qr Codes, which can be easily generated through a QR Code generator. This allows users with smartphones to simply point their phone at the code and automatically be directed to the email sign up form on your website. Consider offering a free gift for customers who provide their email address, which will provide them with even more incentive. You can verify their email address, while sending the coupon code to their email address for free products or services.

6. Promote an online contest or give-away

A great way to promote your email list is by having a contest or give-away requiring the users to access your site to sign up with their email addresses. Again, you should explain in detail that by providing their email address they may receive periodical email from your company, but explain how this also benefits the user signing up, by allowing them access to exclusive offers and/or notifying them of new opportunities not immediately available to the general public. A lot of people love to sign up for contests, regardless of whether the prize is small or large.

7. Word of mouth

While, traditionally, word of mouth was limited to human interaction; in today’s world of social media, word of mouth also includes social media interaction such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. By including social sharing links and buttons with your current email subscribers, you allow your list to grow exponentially. If your email marketing is good, most users will be more than happy to share it with their friends, allowing them to sign up to receive notifications and specials.

You can also provide a “forward this email” or “Email this to a friend” button that allows your current subscribers a way of sharing your email to a friend. You should always include a “Subscribe” link at the bottom of your emails, so that those who get forwarded any emails will be able to sign up as well.

8. Host an online webinar

If your product or service is noteworthy, consider hosting a webinar to answer questions and provide pertinent information about your business. Not only does this attract new clients and customers but it also gives you the opportunity to sign more people to receive your email. You can make this part of the registration process for the webinar or you can even make this part of your presentation, by discussing how great your email list is, how much it offers and how often you send out email.

9. Offline events

Consider gathering email information at offline events, such as trade shows, job fairs and any place where people might gather. You can set up a kiosk at most events, offering free products or services to those who sign up. Just be sure to send a welcome email to everybody who signs up to remind them they have opted in and reminding them of the great benefits they can expect.

10. Be creative

Have a brainstorming session with your employees and HR personal on ways to get more people to sign up. While this article offers many great ways to start and grow your email list, there are probably hundreds (if not thousands) of ways not covered here. Try to be creative, think outside the box and remember, any contact with your clients or customers can be an opportunity to add to your growing email list.

By thinking of new and creative ways to sign people up, you may stumble onto something nobody has even thought of that may grow your email list by thousands in a very short time. Don’t be afraid to experiment, but always remember to be responsible and never to sign up anybody on your email list that doesn’t specifically request to be signed up.


Using the tips in this article will help you to create, grow and expand your email list. But, remember to keep the content fresh and exciting, offering your current and potential clients a reason to want to keep seeing your emails. Don’t just use your email list as a means for static advertising, make it exciting, offer tips and tricks for your business, offer contests and promotions, free items, anything that will keep your customers and clients engaged and wanting to share your list with others.

If you follow these strategies you will find your email list is one of the main driving forces for finding new customers and keeping old customers.