Your Marketing Budget, SEO or PPC?

//Your Marketing Budget, SEO or PPC?

Your Marketing Budget, SEO or PPC?

Your Marketing Budget, SEO or PPC?

Should you spend your marketing budget on SEO or PPC?

I have come across this question many times over the last few months so I thought I would weigh in and give my opinion on where is the best place to spend your marketing budget.

First, let’s clarify the difference between SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, and PPC advertising, or Pay per Click. SEO is the strategy used to design your website in such a way as to make it more likely to rank higher in the natural search results of search engines such as Google. PPC is a way to get traffic to your website almost immediately by paying for clicks on advertisements.

In natural search results, links to websites are shown in order of their relevance to any particular search query. By designing your website to be more likely to rank higher for certain keywords for certain keywords, you will receive more natural traffic to your site. While you do not pay for traffic that comes from natural search traffic, you will most likely need to pay for professional assistance in applying SEO strategies to your website design.

SEO services can be very expensive and can take many months to see results. PPC results can be seen almost immediately and can often be done by someone with even basic marketing skills. While PPC management services can cost much less than SEO services you will need to also factor in the cost of the actual clicks which can sometimes be very high depending on the competitiveness of your keywords.

So on which form of marketing is your money better spent on? SEO or PPC?

My expertise has been mainly in AdWords PPC advertising. I was trained in AdWords by Google and was a member og the AdWords Support Team for 2 years. After consulting on over 7500 AdWords accounts for a diverse range of online businesses I have come to the conclusion that it is not a matter of SEO or PPC but  a combination of both SEO and PPC that will ultimately lead to success.

I always recommend that new online businesses focus on SEO from the very beginning. SEO can take a long time to show results and it is something that every online business should always be working on. PPC should be used in the early stages of your online business to get you off to a faster start but in the long run depending on paid traffic to your site is often not sustainable as it is very difficult to maintain a positive return on paid advertising. Even if you accomplish a positive ROI on your paid advertising you will make a much better return once you reach higher traffic volume through SEO.

In the first few month of your websites launch you should expect that if you use PPC that it will make up 90% or more of your total traffic. You should work on SEO as well as social media and other methods at the same time, trying to bring that 90% number down month after month. Eventually you will find that PPC is providing less and less of your traffic while your revenue remains steady.

It might take a while but by using both SEO and PPC you can start fast and eventually wean your business off of PPC entirely.