Creating Mobile Ad Campaigns

///Creating Mobile Ad Campaigns

Creating Mobile Ad Campaigns

Google AdWords Mobile Ads

If you haven’t noticed, the use of mobile devices has skyrocketed over the past couple years. It is projected that by the end of 2015 clicks on Google ads from mobile devices will exceed the clicks from desktop computers. This is amazing when you think that in 2013, less than 4% of clicks came from mobile devices and that percentage will probably grow to over 50% by the end of next year.

When Google AdWords rolled out their enhanced campaigns in 2013 many advertisers were very upset to learn they could no longer create “mobile only” campaigns. You can still create AdWords campaigns that are in essence, “mobile only”, with enhanced campaigns you accomplish this with bid adjustments.

Let’s walk through how you can turn an existing campaign into a mobile campaign with the new enhanced campaigns platform in Google AdWords.

Starting Your Mobile Ad Campaign

Once you have signed into your AdWords account select the campaign that you wish to use to target those users who are on mobile devices. Once you have selected the campaign you will want to click on the settings tab located just to the right of the Ad Groups tab.  You will now see 4 menu option directly under the settings tab. You will want to choose the 1 labeled “devices”.

Once you have selected the devices option your page should look like the one below.

AdWords Bid Adjustments

Bid Adjustment by Device

Device Categories

You will see 3 device categories listed.

  1. Computers
  2. Mobile Devices with full browsers
  3. Tablets with full browsers

Only the mobile devices give you the option of adjusting your bid whenever a user has used a mobile device when your ad becomes eligible to show. You see the default bid adjustment is set to 0%. This means that if your bid was $1.00 it will still be $1.00 for users on mobile devices.

If your goal is to exclude mobile devices for a specific campaign, you simply click on 0% and select decrease by and enter 100% and save.

Mobile Device Bid Adjustment

-100% Bid Adjustment

This will lower your bid to $0.00 for any ad placements on mobile devices. Doing this does not guarantee your ad will never be shown on a mobile device. Technology is always updating and even Google cannot always determine with 100% accuracy the type of device a user is on. You may get the occasional mobile device traffic but that traffic will be the exception and not the rule.

Ad Example

While excluding mobile devices is a straight forward process for excluding mobile devices there is a little bit more to creating a campaign that focuses on mobile devices. To focus your campaign on users on mobile devices you would once again use bid adjustments. Let us assume for the moment you have an existing campaign in which you have been receiving clicks from all devices. In this campaign, clicks from mobile devices have been averaging about $1.00 per click. To focus on mobile devices you would try lowering all your bids in this campaign to $.40 and then adjusting your mobile device bid to increase by 300% which would increase your bid on mobile devices to $1.20 ($.40 x 300%). On mobile devices, a bid of $1.20 should be enough to get you clicks since your previous cpc on mobile was $1.00 but on desktop and tablets you will get very few if any clicks on desktop computers or tablets because your bid is only $.40. There is an added benefit of using this strategy. You might have the opportunity to get clicks on computers at $.40 on the Google Search Partners Network. Search Partners clicks are generally not as valuable as the normal Google search clicks so you might only opt in to the Search Partners on your mobile campaigns.

So now you have turned an existing campaign into, what is effectively, a “mobile only campaign”. This same strategy is used to create a new “mobile only” campaign to keep your campaign separate. Keeping your mobile campaigns separate is important because there are some other things you may want to do differently in your mobile campaigns.

Your Ads Should Be Diverse

You should consider different ad copy for mobile ads as well as different keywords. Ads for mobile should be more concise and use mobile friendly calls to action such “call now” or “apply by phone”.

You should also check the box labeled mobile on ads created for mobile to tell Google that these are the ads you want to show on mobile devices. Checking the mobile box also shows you a preview of how your ad will look on a mobile device.

Preferred Ad for Mobile

Mobile Ad Preview

Keep It Simple

Keywords should also be shorter. Searches on mobile phones tend to more general. For example, someone on their desktop might search for fast local pizza delivery while someone on their mobile phone might just search for pizza. So creating ads and keyword list that focus on mobile users is always a good idea. Call and location extensions also work best on mobile phones.

AdWords Call Extensions

AdWords Ad Extensions

Enhanced campaigns have actually given the advertiser greater control over mobile ad campaigns rather than less control which many advertisers were afraid of.

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