How to get Better AdWords Quality Scores

///How to get Better AdWords Quality Scores

How to get Better AdWords Quality Scores

How to get Better AdWords Quality Scores

Low AdWords Quality Score? Try This

I spoke to a house painter the other day who was trying to run Google AdWords to advertise his painting services. Keywords for painting services can be very competitive so quality score is very critical to keep costs down.

Anyway, this painter kept trying different keywords and the quality score were always very low, usually a 1 or a 2 score. This was making it very expensive for him to rank high enough to receive impressions and clicks.

Here is something you can try if you are running into the same problem. We will use my friend, the house painter, as an example.

First, create a new ad group and we will call this ad group – Interior House Painter

In this new ad group we are going to add only 2 keywords.  The keywords will be – “interior house painting” and +interior +house +painting.

These 2 keywords are pretty specific and will not get nearly as many impressions as they would if they were broad match. That is the point. We will be using specific keywords that are directly related to what we are advertising.

Now we will write an ad for these 2 keywords.

Interior House Painting

Quality Interior House Painting

Affordable Painting Services. Call Now

Ad Group Strategy

This is just an example, but what you want to do is create very tight knit ad groups with very few closely related, specific keywords and then use those keywords in the ad text as many times as possible. Then set the landing page to the most relevant page of your website. In this case if you have a page that talks about your interior painting services then that’s the page you send them to.

Google Ad Group Strategy

Take the time to look over your ad groups for the best strategy.

When I worked on the AdWords Support Team I walked hundreds of advertisers through this process and 95% of them got quality score of 5 or higher with this method.

The second advantage of building ad groups this way is you are only showing your ads to people who are actively searching for an interior house painter and so your CTR should climb further increasing your quality scores.

You will not receive as many impressions and probably a few less clicks, but the clicks you do receive will be more likely to convert into customers.

With better quality score you will achieve either a better ad position or the same ad position for less cost.

With fewer clicks you will save your daily budget allowing you to bid higher on the higher converting keywords.

This is a Google AdWords best practice. You create more highly targeted small ad groups with ads and keywords that target very specific audiences. This is a much better strategy than having one ad for hundreds of broad match keywords and hoping you will get new customers just by the huge volume of people you display your ads to.

If your AdWords are currently not performing well for you pause all your ad groups and create just 1 ad group the way I described above. Run your new ad group for a week to test it. Actually you will want to test it for a decent amount of time, long enough to get at least 20 clicks.

If it doesn’t work you can always enable your original ad groups and pause the new one. If it does work you can start creating more new ad groups the same way. With a little patience and effort you will soon be getting more customers for less cost with AdWords!

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