Google AdWords Geographic Report

///Google AdWords Geographic Report

Google AdWords Geographic Report

The Google AdWords Geographic Report

The Google AdWords Geographic Report is one of the reports available under the Dimensions Tab in your Google AdWords account.  The Dimensions tab is often over looked by inexperienced advertisers. In an earlier post I talked about the AdWords Search Terms Report which is one of my favorite options under the Dimensions menu. I now what to talk about one of the other options listed under the Dimensions tab drop down menu. Once you have selected the Dimensions tab the drop down menu is below the tab and over to the left. The drop down menu will read View:Day as the default label if you have not accessed the Dimensions tab in the past. If you have accessed this tab before it will show a view of whatever option you last selected.

The Dimensions Geographic report shows data on the geographic locations of those people who have seen or clicked on your ad during the date range you are viewing. Your report will appear something like the example listed below.

AdWords Geographic Report under the Dimensions Tab

AdWords Geographic Report

You will see at the top of the Geographic report there is a columns drop down menu which with allow you to set which data you would like to see displayed with this report. It should be noted that the column drop down menu appears with most reports and the options in this menu can vary depending on how your account is set up and which report you are viewing.

Data in the Geographic report will show geographic information as broad as the country to as specific as the zip code. Most of the columns displayed in the example are self explanatory but one column that you may not understand is the Location type. Under location type you will see either Physical Location or Location of Interest.

If data is listed as Physical Location that means that based on the ip address of the viewer of your ads, Google has determined the device being used to view your ad is physically in the Geographic location listed. So if you are only targeting people in the city of Chicago then most locations you see listed should show Chicago with location type of physical location.

When Location type is showing “Location of Interest” that means the person viewing your ad typed in a geographic area directly into their search query. So instead of physically being in Chicago maybe the searcher was in Detroit but searching for something such as “hotels in Chicago”. In this scenario the location type would show as a location of interest.

Advanced Targeting Settings

Google AdWords Target Settings

Targeting Areas

In your campaign settings under targeting, there is an option for advanced settings which would allow you to show ads to people who are physically in your targeted area or people who are in or searching for your targeted area. Using the Geographic report in the dimensions tab can help you decide which campaign setting will work best for you.

This report can help you determine which target areas are most valuable to your business and you can use location bid adjustments to increase your chances of showing your ads to people in those geographic areas, or you can exclude areas that do not have value to you and are just costing you money.

You should be using all the tools and metrics available to you inside your Google AdWords account to help you to optimize your AdWords to get the results you need. Remember, with Google AdWords it is not always about how many clicks you get, but more about what those visitors do once they get to your web site. If you have any questions or need any help you can always contact me directly through the AdWords Services page.

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