Backlinks: Misunderstood, Yet An Invaluble SEO Tool

///Backlinks: Misunderstood, Yet An Invaluble SEO Tool

Backlinks: Misunderstood, Yet An Invaluble SEO Tool

Backlinks and Page Rank

As you might not be aware, backlinking has a major influence on a website’s ranking. The number of links that point to your site are an indicator that most search engines use to rate your popularity, rank your website, also has a direct influence on the amount of traffic that your website will receive. So many people look at a backlink as money in the bank.

Understanding Backlinks

Backlinks Are How Other Sites Link Back To Your Site

The more back links you have means more people can find your website indirectly without ever using a search engine, which of course lends credibility and the trust factor.

Many websites are salting backlinks and buying links rather than taking the time to build up credible and quality backlinks. Websites using this deceptive method of using of backlinks, who use them only as a promotional tactic to bring customers to their websites is being closely scrutinize at this time by Google and often has resulted in many sites being stripped of their ranking.

In this article, were going to take a look at some of the benefits as well as special purpose types of backlinks, 2 ways that will immediately improve your backlink credibility, and an important reason to use the no follow backlink.


In this article, were going to take a look at some of the benefits as well as special purpose types of backlinks, a way that will immediately improve your backlink credibility, and an important reason to use the no follow backlink.


The benefits of backlinking go much further than just raising your ranking in the search engine hierarchy. You are probably aware of Netizens psychology that many are using search engines never go beyond the first two pages in a Google search. So of course, this is a major reason why backlinking is so important.

They also provide a number of other of other benefits you may wish to be cognizant of:


SEO Uses backlinks extensively in their strategies as well as the use of targeted keywords to build up a website’s readership and traffic flow.

Enhances Your Credibility

Gain Trust With Backlinks

Backlinks Enhance Website Credibility

Enhances your credibility – If a backlink to your site is placed on a blog, article, or other reputable media source you have the built-in credibility that that the source has already built up and is indirectly conferred upon you.

In the Orient, this is called Guanxi and is a major factor in all Chinese cultural and business relationships. In Western culture, it is often referred to as networking. LinkedIn is a prime example where professionals linked together provide backlinks build credibility through recommendations and endorsements to other members of their professional communities to enhance their careers.

Attracts More Users

Attracts more users Strategic uses of backlinks placing them in blogs, media sites, and other high profile WebPages bypasses search engines entirely and brings customers to your site based on curiosity and similar interests.

Major Influence In Social Media  

Social media backlinks are used frequently and are passed around by members of a particular niche, group of friends, or associates that have the similar interests. If your business fits into particular niche, by placing your backlink within that social group or dedicated to that niche, will intensify interest and increase traffic to your website.

Smartphone App

Many apps today that you can download for your smart phone or from iTunes to your iPhone may have embedded backlinks which generates additional revenue and for the sales of other products by the same vendor. The theory being if you like one product from a particular vendor you’ll be probably curious to see what else is available and that is directly related to increase sales in the smart phone app community. In fact, releasing full-blown applications into app stores for downloading them for free is now a standard tactic to get people to buy enhancements to the downloaded product or look at other products of a similar nature all connected through embedded backlinks. Two of the least understood types of backlinks are the follow no follow and the forum profile backlinks.

Explanation Of Follow And No Follow

Follow no follow backlinks are often difficult to understand for a person attempting to implement them in their WebPages or page rank strategy or development scheme.

Backlinks Are Follow and No Follow

Follow And No Follow Backlinks

It basically boils down to if you have a follow backlink the search engine will follow it back to its source which of course is your webpage or website. It is then used to rank your webpage or site. The no follow backlink tells the search engine not to use the backlink for rating purposes.

This is where the confusion arises; many people do not understand the ramifications except that the backlink is not used in the rating calculations.

They do not understand why you would want to use it. The major reason for using a no follow backlink is to build credibility.

If you’re not using a backlink to generate ratings through the search engines the theory goes, you must be truly attempting to offer something of value.

This has the indirect effect of doing exactly what you wanted to have the search engine do in the first place, which is to bring your webpage into the higher rankings, appear near the top, or the first two pages of a search query.

Therefore, this roundabout method actually does achieve the goal of bringing more traffic to you and generate additional revenues

Implementation of No follow backlinks can be done in the HTML code and example of a No follow backlink would resemble this example” Link Text“, which is deceptively simple considering what it can do and the ramifications for you and your websites inbound traffic.

Forum profile backlinks

Forum Profile backlinks are a bit more complicated and is the topic for another time. However, in a nutshell it is a technique used in SEO to adjust a profile to add automatically a backlink to your post or for your signature and by placing this on a large number of forums or blog sites generates a great deal of traffic for you. This of course requires a bit of planning and forethought to implement properly.

For more on profile backlinks click on the link below:

Ways to implement Backlinks

The easiest way to set up backlinks is simply to ask. Contact the webmaster or blog creator, ask them to set you up, and add a backlink to their webpage to your site. Affiliate programs often do this with the simple click of a button.

Different Backlink Methods

There Are Many Ways To Get Backlinks To Your Website

By submitting articles, blog posts, comments or critiques with a backlink to:

  • Article sites
  • Forums
  • E-zines
  • Online press release sites

Funnels people to your site and your webpage traffic will increase dramatically. You can also leave comments on blogs and forums that include a backlink to your website at the bottom of the comment.

One of the less known methods that can provide you with immediate rise in traffic is to have your backlink set up an educational website. The”.EDU” websites are accorded much more credibility and respect than most any other sites on the web. They are also some of the most heavily used by those in grade or middle school, high school, and especially college or university. The same is true for “.Gov” sites

For these sites contain knowledge and information that is verifiably accurate and without bias. How to set this up is a topic that will be taken up in a future article.


Backlinks are very important way to funnel traffic to your WebPages for sites and generate revenue now days with social media, tablets, and smart phones replacing computers, laptops and some say may even replace the Internet itself.

Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and in the Pacific Rim area WeChat which is currently reaching over a half 1 billion subscribers are arenas where backlinks can generate massive amounts of customer interest and traffic to your website.

Today’s article has highlighted for you just some of the many benefits that you can accrue using backlinks and it is hoped you’ll start using them in your current or future Internet business activities.