An Introduction to EDU Backlinks

///An Introduction to EDU Backlinks

An Introduction to EDU Backlinks

Understanding EDU Backlinks

To improve your website’s search engine results, it is very popular in the SEO world to employ the following methods to do so: write high quality text content with rich keyword containment, use great descriptive website meta tags that search engines can use to inform searchers of a page’s containment and have an authoritative backlinking structure in place that can determine the importance and credibility of a website. In this particular article, the back links method will be the focal point, specifically, EDU backlinks. Websites that are relevant to educational information can improve its search engine ranking, authoritative position and more by applying this method correctly and not hindering their website’s credibility status.

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are incoming website traffic from one web page to another website. This is when one website’s URL is referenced or included on another website in which the visitors of one website can hyperlink to another website. This is an extreme option for major search engines to determine the position of a website’s search engine ranking, for its popularity and importance. It is a building block for a great SEO strategy. To improve a SEO strategy and to build a better credited education website, a website should get back linked to as many .EDU websites as possible.

Why are .EDU Backlinks so powerful?

EDU websites have been around for a very long time and holds great credibility and trustworthiness for back linking websites that are of high quality, importance and relevance. Google, view these websites as very important and any website that is linked from such URL extension is due for a higher importance and a higher search engine ranking status. EDU backlinks, typically holds a high page ranking of 5 or higher.

How to get EDU Backlinks?

The best ways to get EDU backlinks is to create high quality educational content that others find valuable. Hiring a professional for this job may be best, as the right high quality content, requires certain skills and highly credited educational websites set certain standards on the type of content that they will and will not accept. The greater quality content, the greater the chance of .EDU sites back linking it.

Get EDU Backlinks With Partners

Don’t stress out! Find partners and build relationships.

Also, developing a relationship with universities can help as well. Developing content that applies to college students that can help them with life skills, research or work habit improvements, are more likely to be considered and used on college websites. Also creating a charity partnership with a college will assist as well as many colleges post content for their sponsors.

Lastly, posting a well-articulated comment in an user’s comment section of a highly ranked valuable .EDU site, with website linking allowance, is a form of back linking as well, if website allows. If link allowance fields are included with comments, leave with the comment. Please refrain from leaving spam as this is a bad representation of your business or service. If website links are disallowed, do not include a backlink.

Besides boosting search engine ranking, what other value does EDU Backlinks hold?

1) Increases your website traffic

EDU backlinks allows websites to get noticed on popular .EDU websites. Once a website is visible on such high traffic generating sites, by way of commenting, blog posting, referenced, etc., can serve as being the deciding factor on the amount of back linking site visitors who clicks on a backlinked URL. Also, the more a website shows up on the “Big 3” search engines, Google, Yahoo and Bing, the greater the chances are of reaching staggering website traffic numbers. It is hard work to create high traffic through backlinking, but through dedication and persistence you can accomplish. Also, be aware that search engines value mostly, those websites that have accumulated back links over periods of time. Continue to improve your back link count and do so with authority.

2) Improves your authority and add value to a domain

Backlinks to a site, can indicate to search engines that such site is an authority site which includes important information on a subject of website’s interest. The quality of links backlinking to a site, matters much more than the quantity. A site that is back linked on major websites with a PageRank of 5 and above, weighs more on a sites authority than that of a lower page rank, that is why EDU back linking is extremely valuable as the majority of .EDU domain name extension hold a 5 and above page ranking. So, before rushing out and back linking a website, think about the page Rank that such site holds. High quality beats high volume, anyway, when back linking.

What are some of the most common tools used when back linking?

  • Broken link Checker
  • Alexa Ranking Tool
  • Search Engine Index Checker
  • Internal/External Link Checker
  • SERP (search engine results page) checker
  • Domain’s SEO Score Checker/Website Authority Checker

A website that is back linked to a .EDU website of a high page rank, is sure to score high on the BIG 3’s search engine importance ladder, which can convert their website into a credible, high trafficked, important and high search engine page ranked website that visitors can depend on for valuable and relevant information. Keeping links in working condition and keeping written content professional and valuable, will result in greater back linking of high search engine page ranking websites. Never stray away from the hard work of creating a large back linking list on highly credited websites and always remember, high quality and usable content is the main deciding factors on the increased website traffic and credibility factors of a website.