Get People To Comment On Your Blog

One of the best ways to gauge how active your blog is, is by checking out how many comments you have for your posts. More comments mean that your readers are actively engaged in the things you have to say. This constructive relationship between the readers and yourself is what brings about a dynamic community that maintains readership and draws in more guests to your blog. Below are ways you can get people to comment on your blog.

Ask Questions

You should always end with a question. Sometimes people have no idea on what to comment about. Posting a query will help them get an idea of what they can talk about. When someone goes through your blog, chances are that they are interested in what you have written. They will be motivated to respond to your question. One thing to take into account is that your inquiry needs to be as general as possible unless you want to direct discussion to a specific point. A general question will allow users to have more freedom in their comments. They will not feel restrained and opt not to comment in the end.

Ask For Contributions

Another way you can get more remarks is to ask for contributions. This is mostly applicable to posts that you have organized in the form of numbered lists. The trick here is to request your viewers to add onto the list. They should feel as though they are contributing to the article by commenting their opinion. You should abruptly end your numbered list so that it looks like you will require help to complete the post.

Respond Quickly

Always respond to remarks on time. Good manners state that when someone gives you a feedback, you should at the very least thank them. If you had already has asked a question, you need to respond on time. This will let your reader feel that their commentary matter and they are not talking to themselves. By taking a long time to answer, the reader might think that you have forgotten about them and they will not see any point commenting on your blog posts. Your viewers should never feel ignored.

Simply replying when being commented is not sufficient. Sometimes you need to motivate them to say what they think. It can be in the form of a reward or contest for the best comment posted, a prize for answering correctly to a question asked or the promise of writing the next post based on the most interesting comment.

Like and Share Buttons

Another effective way of rewarding the people who read your blog is by capitalizing on your need for social approval. A good incentive is making your readers feel special for having posted a good comment. They will be rewarded with attention and recognition. A good example is the like button on facebook. One of the reasons why people post funny and intriguing status is because we enjoy seeing our friends liking them. Look for plugging that acts the same way as a like button for your blog comments.

Reduce The Barrier To Commenting

To know whether there are any hindrances, you should try to post something yourself. It should go smoothly and the comment box should be easy to notice when you enter the blog as a visitor. The other thing that needs to be checked is if visitors to your blog have to log in or register before they can comment on your posts. If this is the case, then this might be the reason why you are not getting a lot of comments. Taking that extra step to sign up so that you can comment can be a big turn off for some readers. You need to put yourself in the shoe of the reader or visitor to know how easy or hard it is for them to comment.

If you want people to comment on your blog, you need to set a good example yourself. Comment on your own blog and other similar topic blogs in the community. Make sure that you give feedbacks that are well thought out and relate to the topic in question instead of posting a one liner generic answer Such as “good post.” Take this into account mostly when you are posting on other blogs and leave a link to your site. You need to attract readers and bloggers to your blog and do not let them think that your comment is spam.


Giving useful advice to a blog entry is much like doing an advertisement for your forum. If you want to get more comments, one of the most straightforward ways is to improve traffic to your blog. Readers that are going to come across those blogs will see what you have commented and then click on your link to check out your forum. The author of the blog that you have commented might feel they are obliged to return the favor by commenting on your posts as well. This mostly happens when your comment strikes a chord with them.

As seen above, those are things that you can do to get people to comment on your blog.