How to Rank Youtube Videos for Search Engines

Just as you can use traditional search engine optimization techniques to make your website more visible in search engines, you can also optimize your videos to make them more visible on YouTube and search engines. YouTube is the third biggest site and the first video sharing site. YouTube gets more than thirty million visitors every day. Ranking these films is essential if you want to get a lot of traffic on your site. You can easily rank them in search engines and YouTube with tips below. Lets go over how to rank YouTube videos:

When YouTube was first started, part of their algorithm was based on views. When a video had a lot of views, it was ranked higher. After sometime, they decided to change their policy. Although they still count total views, they do so in combination with other metrics such as number of seconds that video has been viewed, likes, comments and shares on social media. These additional metrics helped to reduce the number of people that were using fake clicks.

It is now advisable to come up with films that have good content and is able to make the viewer feel engaged to it. There is no guiding principle in regard to what an ideal video length is. It is advisable that you make a video that lasts for more than sixty seconds. When you have more time, you keep a client on your video and it is going to rank high therefore having longer videos means that more seconds will be added to your count.

Naming Your YouTube Video

The name of your video matters a lot. One of the most common optimization mistake that a lot of people make is improper naming structure on the video title and raw video file. Since YouTube is not able to see what your video is all about, their algorithm is going to look at your raw file to help determine what the content is. Right click on your video and then choose get information. Include tags that are related to keywords of your video and synonym keywords. It is vital that you name that file based on your main keyword and secondary keywords. You can even put in some comment on what that video is all about.

It is vital to insert a link to your website. Despite the fact that video views are good, YouTube is simply a means to something larger. Your films need to encourage viewers to an action. That action should be click to your website where you can then finish marketing process.


Besides adding links, you need to optimize the rest of your video description. It is vital that you make it very unique. Do not think it is a smart move to use information from all of your videos. Google does not like duplicate content and if you do that, it will be held against you. Each of your video is different and it needs to be treated as such.

Come up with a unique description for each video. You should aim for at least two hundred words. Use synonyms and keywords throughout your description. Never use one keyword twice as search engines do not like keyword stuffing. You can choose to write a transcript of your video. Since this can take a lot of time, you can opt to contract it out to freelancers.

Social Media

Use social media. According to traditional theory, search engine optimization has two aspects which are on page and off page. On page refers to how a website is structures, keyword density and images while off page is on other domains which link back to your website. For the past few years, there has been a change in traditional SEO and social networks have changed how way people interact online and search engines have started to account for it.

There is now a third aspect which is relevance. Google wants to provide you with the best possible result for your inquiry. For a site to fit this criterion, it has to be relevant. Measure of relevancy is based on number of shares, tweets and likes that a video gets. Therefore this means that if you want Google to notice you, you have to share your video on social networks.


You can choose to sync your YouTube account with your social media accounts. When you post a new clip, it is going to automatically syndicate across your accounts. You should also post your video to relevant groups on social networks. If you are not active in these groups, you need to find some. Not only are they ideal to get social signal on your content, but it is also a good way to network and learn more about your skill. If you have to, you can buy social signals. There are good vendors out there that you can consult about this.

It is also vital that you dress up your channel page. When people see a channel that does not have a profile picture, description, links and header, they think it is spam and YouTube thinks so too. Filling out your channels will add another layer of signal to what your video entails. Four parts that you need to fill are adding links to your social media pages, adding channel images, subscribing to similar channels and adding a long a description.

With the above information, you can be sure that your YouTube clips are going to rank well in social media and this is what everyone wants.