Use Wikipedia for Promoting Your Website

If you are like virtually every other person that is familiar with the Internet in any way, shape or form, you’ve probably spent more than your fair share of time looking up things on Wikipedia. If you just happen to be running a business, you’ve probably even wondered how you can get articles about your own company on the site itself. The truth is, this is something that a lot of companies have tried to do. Some have succeeded while others have failed miserably. It is entirely possible that your company will not be taken as seriously as it should be if you do not have company information appearing on the website.

Why Using Wikipedia for Backlinks is Important?

The truth is, it is not nearly as easy to promote your own company on Wikipedia as you might think. If you really want to be successful, you need to learn how to use Wikipedia by backlinking information that is directly related to the goods and services that you’re selling. The problem is that Wikipedia strongly discourages anyone from promoting their own company on the site and if they find out that you are doing it, they usually remove the article almost instantly. It makes it very difficult for anyone to successfully promote their own company.

When you add in the factor that a lot of people will automatically assume that you’re not a legitimate company if they cannot find information about you on Wikipedia, you realize that you are facing something of a double edged sword. The website can be a tremendous marketing tool if you figure out how to use it but it can also become the bane of your existence if you keep getting articles removed from the site.

What Should I Write About?

Fortunately, there is something you can do about the situation. You are not required to simply sit around and hope that someone else will write an article about your company and then post it on the website. Your best option is to follow a list of steps that are prescribed by the individuals that essentially run Wikipedia. Because they discourage companies from writing articles about themselves, they note that one of the things that you need to do is become an editor for the site itself.

If you add some other articles or even write articles about other subjects, it automatically becomes easier for you to write an article about your own company without it being flagged for removal. Of course, if you have someone else that can write a legitimate article for your company on your behalf, that is even better.

In addition, you need to have other articles written about your company that appear on many different websites. This is essential to getting your articles on Wikipedia to begin with, especially if you plan on backlinking. You have to have other articles available so that you can create these backlinks that refer to articles about your company without directly involving your company’s website in the Wikipedia article itself.

As a result, you need to do a lot of article writing and put that information out there on every conceivable platform, including social media. Once that has been completed, you or someone on your behalf can create an article about your company and then create those backlinks that reference the other articles. Of course, those articles will contain your company website, making it easy for anyone that is interested in doing business with you to find you.

Keep Your Information Relevant and to the Point

It is also important that you ensure that your first Wikipedia article is not too long. For some reason, the site frowns on articles about new companies that are too long or contain too much information. Therefore, you should write only a few sentences to start with and then you can go back and create longer articles later on. If you really want to make your company successful, you will learn how to use Wikipedia as part of a bigger picture so that you can create a presence for yourself and your company on this site and any other site that you can post an article on.

Always Source and Backlink

Every time you write an article, make sure that backlinks are created so that potential customers can go back and reference more information. If you’re creating articles on Wikipedia, this is a requirement. That fact ultimately works very well for marketing a company as long as you do it in such a fashion that your article does not get pulled off the site entirely.

All of this may be rather confusing to you, especially if you have not had any prior experience with it. Therefore, it is important to recap the information so that you know exactly what steps you need to take to make this work. Your first step is to create a number of high quality articles on various websites and also create plenty of information on all social media platforms. You need to generate a decent amount of content before you even try to get on Wikipedia.

The entire time that you are working on this first step, you can become an editor or writer for the site. This helps you create a good reputation with the website moderators. Once you have articles about your own company built up on other websites and you have a good reputation on Wikipedia, you can create short articles about your company that reference one or two other articles without including your own company website.


As you continue to gain a presence on the site, you can create longer articles that involve more backlinks to additional information. All of the backlinks that you include should reference high quality articles that obviously include your company website. By performing these steps in this particular order, you are creating the groundwork that can be used to effectively promote your business without it looking like you are trying to do something that is self-serving.

Remember, Wikipedia is all about being neutral so you have to be careful not to over promote your business. If you’re careful about the way you go about it, and it can become a very effective marketing tool. You simply have to use caution and take care not to move too fast or include too much information, at least at first.