Top 5 Ecommerce Platforms

In a market that is as saturated as the ecommerce platform, it can be hard to figure out the platform that best meets your needs. If you are thinking of starting your own store, then chances are that you have already run into this problem at some point. Below are top five ecommerce platforms.


Shopify is one of the most well known platform with around seventy five thousand sites using as it an ecommerce platform. It offer s a wide range of add ons with professional and attractive templates to choose from the storefront. They have a customer service that works twenty four hours a day seven days a week with different ways of getting in touch with them.

Most start up business opt for shopify since it is provides fast speed, good looks and is SEO compliant. It comes with an unlimited bandwidth of adding products and other good features which makes it popular. The only concern is the price which is a bit high in comparison to other platforms.


Magento is a powerful tool with rich features and is known for its large numbers of plug ins and extensions that are available in the marketplace. It is a strong platform which offers its users high level of functionality and customizability. One of the most incredible thing that makes Magento to be one of the best content management systems is the fact that it is highly scalable and there is no need to upgrade to other platforms.

With the right developer, there is nothing in Magento which is impossible to modify. For a small business, it can be a bit complex as it needs enough server space to work well at high speeds.

The bad thing with any open source solution is that when things get buggy, you will need some help. There are a lot of developers who can assist you. Most hosting companies also offer some level of technical support for Magento. However, it is vital that you plan ahead and ensure that you are not taking on more than you can handle and in case you are, you need to have a reliable developer on hand or choose a web host that is willing to help you.


Volusion has a big market share and it delivers a lot of features with an interface that is user friendly. It has a reasonable cart to provide abandoned cart recovery and decent monthly plans. The downside of volusion is that the add on store is not as large as Bigcommerce or shopify and there is not blog set up available.


BigCommerce is another platform that claims seventeen percent of the top one hundred thousand sites that using a hosted e commerce solution. It is popular in small to medium sized web stores. Until now, nearly fifty seven thousand sites overall have been developed on BigCommerce. It offers a user with a friendly interface and a large knowledge base that is catered by the BigCommerce University as help resources.

It started out as a software product created by interspire which could be directly installed to your website. It become famous after it changed to a hosted shopping cart. It has Google trusted store certification assistance and gets blend with Google shopping and eBay among others.


OsCommerce is one of the most well known open source shopping cart available online. It was built by a team of self professed geeks. This ecommerce platform has been in operation for more than twelve years. During that time, thousands or online stores have been created and other different products based on the software.

This platform has a lot of features which are enabled by default for it to offer a complete out of the box solution. osCommerce can be enhanced and it has a lot of add ons available. It is regarded for being simple to implement for users who are setting up a basic shopping cart although it is a bit hard to modify the design and appearance of the cart than some of the other available platforms.


As seen above, those are the most popular platforms available in the market although there are others such as Etsy, WooCommerce, 3cart among others. The best platform for you will depend on the size of your business, your business strategy and your budget. These three factors are all you need to decide what should be your platform.