SEO Mistakes Ecommerce Websites Make

SEO is an important tool that if incorporated correctly into your website can guarantee you a lot of success. This is because it will give your site business and an online presence which is crucial to bringing in new customers and even keeping the existing ones. However, this is not always the case for all enterprises. Some make mistakes on their websites making it quite difficult for their sites to rank high. Below are the commonest SEO e-commerce mistakes that you must steer clear off if you want to grow.

Poor Product Descriptions

Quality product descriptions are very useful since they are crawl able. This means that they will easily be found by web crawlers making it easy for them to appear high up in search results. Furthermore, since search engines may not be able to read your images, a well-written description will ensure that they can still be displayed, otherwise there will be nothing to show.

Thin product descriptions or even those provided by manufacturers count as bad descriptions. Also avoid duplicating content from other websites in your product descriptions. Even if you are both selling the same products, come up with your unique description to avoid looking spammy.

Absence of Product Reviews

Product descriptions are meant to be specific and to the point. Since you will not dwell a lot on them, you need the help of reviews to amplify the need for consumers to buy these products. Reviews do this by injecting a massive amount of information on your website. Unfortunately, many websites lack these reviews which significantly affects SEO success.

Positive reviews assure people that the products that they are purchasing are indeed superior and will meet their needs. In fact, it is believed that about 70% of online buyers read reviews before making up their mind. When incorporating these reviews, do so in a smart way that will make them readily available to visitors.

Keyword Stuffing

Keywords can be very effective in helping your site get ranked well by search engines. However, keyword stuffing is among the most common SEO e-commerce mistakes that many people make. You will find many websites where product descriptions look so mechanical with keywords thrown in almost everywhere. This dilutes actionable content that is essential for helping you make sales. In addition, too many keywords in a page is annoying to visitors, and they will probably never come back to that site.

Duplicate Titles

Duplicate content may harm your rankings but not as bad as duplicate titles. Such titles are usually not search friendly and always come out as extremely spammy. Google and many other search engines look at title tags to categorize a page. Duplicate titles or even those are similar to the manufacturer’s only credit them and could even lead to potential lawsuits for duplication of content.

Absent Alt (Alternative) Text with Images

Images speak volumes, and their effect can still not be rivalled by even the best-written product descriptions. Unfortunately, many people never get to benefit from this on their e-commerce websites. This is because their images lack alt text. Alt text is important in telling viewers a lot of information about the images. If you forget it, search engines will not have this information which greatly hampers your website’s ability to be ranked well by search engines.

Unfriendly URLs

You will find very many websites employing long and complex URLs that are full of product ids and numbers that a user cannot easily comprehend. Such URLs are not easily indexed, and it is also hard to use keywords with them. You are bound to see URLS like /cat-13/product-65424?pants on many websites. A user cannot tell what this URL leads to and would prefer something like /pants/bootleg-mens-khaki –pants. This is one of the commonest SEO e-commerce mistakes that you can avoid on your site.

No Sharing Capability

Social media is a large marketing platform. There are numerous ways to tap into this market but, unfortunately, many websites have not done so. Creating shareable content is a necessity if you need to use people to help you market your products. This is why lack of a social sharing buttons on a website is not recommended when it comes to taking advantage of your SEO strategies. Choose the ones that best fit your business. For example, a website that sells electronics can have Facebook and Twitter options while one that sells household appliances can do well with Pinterest.

Omitting Robots.txt

Robots.txt is an important file for your e-commerce website since it gives instructions to search engine spiders. These instructions achieve a number of things with determination of the web pages to be indexed being its primary role. Unfortunately, many websites are created and published without this important file. No matter how much you may have invested in SEO, omitting this file is a big fail. For websites where duplicate content is unavoidable, you can tell search crawlers not to index some web pages but if you do not have this file then you this is not an option.

High Load Times

Technological advancements especially in the internet field have shown us that you can open a web page in a second or two. Many people do not realize that a website whose pages take time to open is also one of the main SEO e-commerce mistakes. Users will always navigate away from such a website. Other than just loading pages, there are quite a good number of websites where images take what seems like an eternity to load. Using light source code and working with sprites can help you reduce load times for different elements on your site.


These are the most common SEO e-commerce mistakes that you will notice in a good number of websites. Luckily, all of them can easily be fixed. If not handled in time, your website will never be able to stand above the competition and get you the new hits that you need.