What is Call Tracking?

The marketing of a business can be measured by its success in digital analysis of things such as; page views of their advertisements, organic visits from postings and also goal conversions. While these are good for companies to get their word out, they are not the only way. People do still use the telephone to call a business asking for information on their products and services.

With the popularity in the internet having grown so much over the past few years, many forget the telephone is still used frequently by consumers who want that personal contact with those they are about to do business with. Knowing how and where consumers found a telephone number gives insight as to where marketing strategies are working. New software called, call tracking is a way for businesses to know where their advertisements are being seen most.

The newest call tracking software is going to be able to show a business exactly which marketing strategies they are using are working. It is also a great companion for SEO when it is used correctly. The main criticism with SEO and call tracking is that having too many phone numbers in to many places confuses algorithms and therefore hurts the SEO. One expert stated that by using Javascript to display a tracking number will guarantee the bot and search from Google always sees your local number.

How to track the inbound calls

Business put their phone numbers on; websites, in magazines, billboards and some even on the side of buses. Knowing how the customer found their phone number will help in knowing where to focus their marketing.

An example would be; a consumer needs a replacement for one of their automobile tires. When they do a search on the internet for tires, many ads will pop up. If the consumer is able to get the telephone information from the pop up screen without actually clicking on the specific ad, that business would not know their online advertisement is working. The business may even consider pulling that ad since it doesn’t seem to be getting their word out, when in fact the customers are seeing and using it. AdWords is a good practice, but without knowing the ROI (return on investment) it isn’t getting the full picture.

To get the full view of how the online marketing effort is working, call tracking will record the number of calls received from specific advertisements. Creating a different telephone number for each of the marketing ads put out, the software keeps track of which numbers are being seen and used. Most industries; automotive, health care, financial services, travel and many more get the majority of their leads and sales by telephone after the consumer has seen their advertisement containing the telephone number to contact.

What does the call tracking software do?

The call tracking software is going to allow a company to cheaply and instantly create local or toll-free numbers. The numbers can be assigned nicknames, tags, labels whichever make them easier to search and track. Then, those numbers are associated with a specific marketing campaign such as; radio, TV, printed material, social media or however the business is advertising. When a consumer uses the number, it instantly reports where the ad was seen and can even give call time of the consumer and where they live.

In the basic setup of call tracking, the software associates a single business number with information like; where the calls came from and how long they lasted. This information can be helpful to gauge how long a consumer is staying on the line, how effective are the representatives answering in getting and keeping a customer’s attention.

In the larger scope, call tracking for small to medium sized companies running several ad campaigns at the same time find it useful to know which campaigns are working. For these types of campaigns a different number is assigned to each marketing technique so that calls from each format are separated. The company will then know which strategy is working, which needs more attention and even which ones not to repeat.

In the larger, enterprise level businesses such as travel, thousands of locations are used to advertise many different services. There are numerous keyword combinations that can lead a consumer to a company site. Being able to know which keywords are effective and bringing in sales, a company would need a large number of unique telephone numbers.

In this scenario it is not uncommon for the business to have thousands of number to use for call tracking. This is called, Dynamic-number generation and it automatically replaces the business phone number when a particular keyword phrase is used. The dynamic number generation then lets the business know which keyword phrases are used most commonly by the consumer

What are the benefits of call tracking?

Being able to monitor which areas of marketing are showing the best results, digital or offline can direct a company towards improving or changing their methods. These are some of the areas this information can be retrieved from:

* Organic search engine- it will show which landing pages are creating calls to the business.

* Pay per clicks- shows which keywords are most effective.

* Digital advertising strategies- When different telephone numbers are assigned to different ads, it shows which displays are working the best.

With this data collected it gives an insight into the customer service side of a business. It can highlight where improvements are needed, or where the strength is in the service area.


Call tracking allows a business to know which areas to target. For example, if the company is selling life insurance and wants to place ads on the radio, how do they know which station to choose? To begin, they would choose three different stations, with three different demographics and assign different numbers to each station.

Call tracking will then keep track of which station generated the most calls and sales, and the company will know which demographic to spend the most time and money on for advertising. This same principle would be applied to printed material, TV ads and internet sites to know which to use.

We often hear how companies need to use data to monitor their business marketing success. The call tracking software is now the leading and preferred method out there for any size business to obtain this data.