Find Trending Blog Topics

Writing a blog is one of the most interesting ways to connect with people on the Net today. It is also one of the most difficult. You have to consistently find trending blog topics, come up with new interesting information that is new and relevant.

This is the why of this article, to help you find out where to find trending and interesting information. You then be able to share it with your readers.When you finish reading, you will have some new sources of trending topic no matter what your niche is.

You first may need a little prep work

In order to be able to write a blog, you must become a voracious reader. 70% of what we learn comes through our eyes and not our ears. This means the faster you read the more ground you can cover quicker. This means you will need to invest in a speed-reading software package. It will do two things for you it will expand your ability to take in information.

The second thing it will do is allow you to take information off the web and from eBook sources and other materials, you go through them faster than you could by clicking the mouse. 3 packages that will get you up to speed are EyeQ, Reading Genius, and Ace Reader Pro. All three will at least double your reading speed.

The final one Ace Reader Pro will also allow you to take in your web page information, Adobe PDFs, Word docx files, and plain old vanilla text files. You can now then absorb information quicker than you would otherwise be able to do. If you want to continue and go beyond this, you might also try learning Photo Reading and learn to read a phenomenal speed of up to 25,000 words a minute. You are now ready to go hunting.


Amazon is one of the greatest sources of blog information in the world if you look at it the right way.We are not trying to read the book we only want to see what is trending. Therefore, we first click to the sight and then we look up keywords that match the topic your blog focuses on.

You will probably only want the first 3 to five pages or so. These are the trending titles based on sales. Now you should make note of the titles. This in itself should spark ideas for blog topics by themselves. The next thing you should do is look inside the books. But, don’t read the excerpts. Look for TOCs.

These are usually in the form of statements, but if you know the secret of how a book is written. You know they are written usually as a response to a question. This is what you want because many people have these questions and that’s why they buy the books in the first place. You can then cover the TOC entries into interesting questions and from there create and find topics. You can write about in your blog. This alone can give months worth of topics to write about.


Popular talk show hosts have researchers and resources we don’t. Make use of the synopsis of the last few shows and you can glean thoughts that they didn’t cover.

The same is true of almost any niche there is always a site devoted to cutting edge information. But the articles are often too short. CNN and the BBC often have different topic areas to choose from this can give you food for thought. Most people however say that they don’t want to write about what is covered already. This is true. You shouldn’t. What you can do is look at the topic and brainstorm with a simple question of “What if…?”

This takes you into an entirely different realm. You use the article you read as a springboard into an entirely different area. Take 3D Printing for example. It is new and trending. But what if 3D printing ting was used to create clothing? What would that do to our society? Take that one-step further with painted on bathing suits. You now have the basis of a blog topic and can do this for anything you read online. In Fact…

Going Back to Amazon

If you go back to Amazon. Instead of going to the niche area that you write about in your blog. Go to the fiction section and see what the bestsellers are. The New York Times as well is another source. Look at the titles and genres, and read the blurbs. They will give you many trending topic subject to write about.

Right now, there are a rising number of books about terrorists, fictional accounts are running rampant about the plots, and people who are counter them. Using the same What if reasoning applied to a fiction book can yield many topics that are trending in today’s world. You can cover the gamut from surveillance, drones in our skies instead of overseas. Police, government, corporate invasion of our privacy.

Freedom of going where you want on the web or in real life travel within your own country or abroad. A certain Clint Eastwood movie has the media in an uproar. But what if the mentality becomes common that is espoused in the movie. You don’t even need to mention the movie, just pose the question(s). Then answer them in your blog. Questions? Mmmmmmmmmmm that might be the ticket to even more Blog topics if you go to the right web resources.

Ask a random Question and Cut-Ups/Foldins

Type into Google a general question about anything. You get the general run of the mill answers. But scroll further down you start seeing some strange correlations to your question and those might provide the material for a blog post.

Another method is based on work by William S. Burroughs. He often cut up lines of text and then rearranged the lines and got meaningful information that he used to write some of his novels. You can do the same much faster with cut and paste and an online news article. The topic doesn’t matter, but it helps if it is current. Just separate the phases and rearrange them. You will get unusual mixes of phrases that not only are coherent but provide source material for blog topics as well.

Burroughs was quoted on his method as saying, “When you cut into the present the future leaks out.” Try this method or even a simpler one but it requires you to print out the source material. You next fan fold the paper vertically and read across the columns. You will get many interesting Topics that if you use current materials often have trending words and meanings. This can be the beginning of many a blog topic that actual has bearing on the topic your Blog relates to.


You don’t need to spend money for fancy software or newsfeeds to come up with trending topics for you Blogs. You can get many topic ideas by using what is easily available for free on the Net today. A final method is to take some dice and a current article that you found. Roll them and select the words that match the die roll. If you use different sided dice, such as those used by Gamers you will come up with even more topic words.

Using any of the methods outlined today will provide you with topic words that are current and trending. Your will be surprised at some of the topics that pop out. This helps you also by helping you sharpen your creativity as well. You can then write about even more interesting as well trending issues no matter what your Blogs