3 Reasons to use the AdWords Display Network

As a general rule the AdWords Search Network outperforms the Google Display Network when it comes to conversions.  Ads on the Search Network are seen by people who are actively searching for specific topics such as picture frames for sale, the best local plumber, cheap airline tickets etc….  On the Display Network, people who see your ads are usually done with their active searching and may not be paying much attention to ads.

Having said that there are some good reasons to use the display network as well as the search.


Branding is a form of marketing which is designed to build brand recognition, confidence and loyalty.  Coke, Levi, and Microsoft are 3 excellent examples of companies that have run very effective branding campaigns. Everyone has heard of these big brand names. You see their advertisements everywhere. In Detroit, the Tigers play in Comerica Park and the Lions in Ford Field. This is a form of branding.

The display network is a great place for branding. Getting your name or logo in front of thousands of potential customers for very little cost. With the AdWords Display Network you can target specific audiences to show your ads to. If you sell women’s clothing you can choose to put your ads on websites or blogs that have content that focuses on women, if you sell exercise equipment you can target health or fitness sites. In branding it is not as important to get a conversion as it is to get the name of your business in front of as many people as possible. Since CTR on the Display Network is usually much lower than that of the Search Network you can accomplish this for a much lower cost.

New Products or Information

Maybe you are advertising a new product or new information that no one has ever heard about so there are no keywords that get searched often enough to generate traffic to your site. Think about fantasy football years ago. Before Fantasy Football became a huge success very few people were searching for it.

By advertising Fantasy Football on sports sites and blogs it put the idea into the minds of millions of people who might be interested in playing Fantasy Football who had never heard of it before. This is a variation of branding. The AdWords Display Network can put a relatively unknown concept in front of the people most likely to be interested. It would be very difficult and expensive to advertise like this on a Search Network but the Display Network is a great place for this type of advertising.

Images or Visuals

Currently Google AdWords does not allow image ads on the Search Network. Image ads are only eligible on the Display Network unless you also have a Google Merchant account and are using Product Listing ads. Some products or services are best advertised visually. Logos can only be displayed visually. The AdWords Display Network is usually your best option to use image ads and creating image ads can be very easy in AdWords.

The AdWords Display Network can be used very effectively if you understand its benefits and use it correctly. Knowing your product or services strengths and having an advertising goal in mind before you start advertising will help you determine whether the Display Network is the right choice for you.