When to create an AdWords Mobile campaign

By now everyone is aware that accessing the internet via a mobile device has become the norm and not the exception. It seems everyone has a mobile phone. The term “smart phone” has already become obsolete as the vast majority of new phones sold today have internet access with full browsers.

So what does that mean for the Google AdWords advertiser? It means that you will need to be prepared to adapt your AdWords ads. Creating AdWords Mobile campaigns is not difficult. You can learn how in my article Creating Mobile Ad Campaigns. The real question is how you know if you really need a campaign just for mobile devices.

I believe at some point in the near future the answer to this question will always be “Yes, you need a mobile campaign” but as of right now that is not always the case. There are still many businesses whose ads do not perform well on mobile devices. It may be the nature of your business, your target audience, or your geographic area, but sometimes ads on mobile devices just do not convert well. If that is the case for you then all you will want to do is set your bid adjustment for mobile devices to -100% and your ads will no longer show on mobile devices.

If you have been using AdWords for a while it is pretty easy to determine how well your ads are doing on mobile devices. You do this by segmenting your AdWords account view by device. I go into more detail on how to do this in my article titled Optimize Your AdWords.

When you view your segmented data if you find any of your campaigns are performing well on mobile devices you will want to separate that campaign into 2 campaigns. One targeting mobile and the other for computers. Tablets are actually in a separate category but unfortunately, at this time AdWords does not give you the ability to focus on tablets directly.

The reason for this is that keeping mobile separate you can set a budget for mobile. You can use shorter keywords, different calls to action, control call extensions more easily and, if needed, you can have separate landing pages designed for mobile.


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Even if you do not have any campaigns that are performing well on mobile devices you should still create at least 1 mobile campaign to give yourself the best chance for success. Mobile devices are evolving rapidly and by the end of 2016 will overtake computers in overall internet access.

Growth of Smart Phones

Mobile internet usage

You don’t want to miss out on opportunity to capitalize on this.  Have at least 1 mobile campaign running now so you will be quick to adjust to future changes.