AdWords Conversion Tracking

AdWords conversion tracking is one of the most important steps that many Advertisers leave out. If you are going to use Google AdWords you need to always keep in mind, clicks are how Google gets paid, conversions are how you get paid. When I worked on the AdWords Support Team I got many calls from AdWords advertisers looking for help optimizing their accounts. My first question was always “What are your advertising goals?”  They normally did not have an answer for this. You should always have a goal in mind before you pay for any advertising. Your goal might be to get as many visitors to you web site as possible, or it might be to develop brand recognition. If this is the case then you need a large advertising budget. Getting traffic is easy if you are willing to pay for it, getting targeted traffic that converts once they get to your web site, which takes a little more work.

What is a conversion in AdWords?

A conversion is some action you want the visitor to complete that you find valuable. A conversion might be a sale, signing up for a newsletter or membership, an email or a phone call, or watching a video. Whatever a conversion is for you, you need to be able to track the number of conversions you receive.

Why is tracking conversions important?

Tracking conversion is important in AdWords because AdWords is a pay per click program. You are paying to get targeted traffic to your website and if that traffic is not converting, then how valuable is that traffic?

Once you start tracking your conversions in AdWords you will be able to see which keywords, or which search terms are converting for you and which are not. You can than focus your advertising dollars to where they will profit you the most. Again, clicks are how Google gets paid, conversions are how you get paid.

Now you can start optimizing your AdWords account. Which keywords, in which geographic areas, at what time of day, are converting at the highest rate? These are the clicks you should be bidding more on. Use ad scheduling to show your ads at times when they are more likely to convert or schedule your ads not to show at times when there is little chance of a conversion. This is how you begin to use Google AdWords to make money and not just to get traffic.

Now that you realize how important it is to track conversions in AdWords, it would be a good idea to track conversions on your site from all traffic sources. I suggest you read my post Google Analytics a Must Have. Analytics is extremely helpful in tracking all activity on your site not just conversions. One really nice benefit of Google Analytics is that it can be linked to your Google AdWords account which allows you to easily view a lot of the tracking data from your AdWords traffic.

If the information here is new to you then go ahead and contact me through the AdWords Services page and I can answer any questions you might have.