Using AdWords Call Extensions

In many of my previous articles I talk about the importance of tracking conversions. If you are going to use AdWords, or any other PPC form of advertising, you absolutely have to be able to track your results in some fashion. Unless you are interested in only “branding” your website or blog, a visitor to your site is only valuable to you if they take some action on your website that brings opportunity for revenue to you either immediately or in the future.

Tracking conversions can sometimes be difficult in the sense that if you are not selling a product you might not be 100% certain of what activity on your website would be considered a conversion or maybe you just to know how to track that activity.

Google Analytics is a great way to track activity on a website or blog but for whatever reason maybe you do not have Analytics tracking software installed. If this is the case you will want to consider tracking phone calls you receive as a direct result of your AdWords advertising. You can do this very easily, with no additional costs, with AdWords Call Extensions.

AdWords call extensions are an ad extension option offered in AdWords which will list your phone number along with your ad and if you do not have a unique phone number to set aside just for your AdWords advertising you can choose to allow Google to provide a unique tool free number which will automatically forward to your phone.

By using this AdWords call extension option you will be able to track how many phone calls you receive as a direct result of your advertising. You will be able to see details of each call such as the area code from which the call was placed and the duration of the call. The phone number will also become clickable on mobile devices with the AdWords call extensions. Allowing viewers of your ad the convenience of clicking on your number to call you is a huge advantage these days due to the increasing number of internet searches performed from mobile phones.

How to set up an AdWords Call Extension

To set up an AdWords call extension simple click n the campaign you wish to add the extension to and then click on the ad extensions tab. You will then select “call extensions” and when you do that you will see a red button labeled +extension.

Click to call

Ad Extensions – Call Extension

AdWords ad extensions

Add a call extension

After clicking the red button your page will look like the image below and you will click the + New phone number button.

Click to call.

Add your phone number

You will then enter your phone number. The Google forwarding number option should already be selected for you. If you deselect this option you will need to track the number through other sources so I suggest leaving the Google forwarding number selected.

Under the advanced link you will be able to create a schedule for when you want the phone number to show as well as setting a call duration to be used to determine whether or not the call should be considered a conversion.

Once you have finished you want to make sure you click the save button and then your call extension will be available for you at the campaign or ad group level you just need to move your phone number from the left hand box over to the right side.

You should be aware that call extensions can sometimes lead to a click but no phone call on mobile phones. This is due to the click to call feature being a 2 step process. The click on the phone number loads the number into the phone and you are charged for the click but the person may not actually complete the call.

If phone calls are important to your business this is definitely a feature of AdWords you want to take advantage of with the added benefit that these phone calls will be tracked as conversions and can be used to optimize your AdWords account for better performance and ROI.