Website Traffic

Do you want free traffic to your website? Do you want new and unique visitors who are interested in your business or niche? Targeted traffic is visitors that click on your website because they are interested in your message. This is what you want to build every day if possible. There are no short-cuts; it is a process that will take patience and time.

Promoting your website will come down to SEO and SEM strategies. Your site need to be search engine optimized (SEO) and you might also choose to use search engine marketing (SEM). You might be wondering what SEO and SEM is. This article will explain SEO and SEM and give you some valuable information on how to get website traffic.

What are SEO and SEM?

SEO is following strategies to improve your ranking on search engines. Your website structure and layout, site speed, keywords, relevant content, and links to your site all count when it comes to optimizing your site for search engines. Search engines, especially Google also consider the speed of your site when ranking it. A slow site might drop in ranking. The more relevant your site is; taking in account your content, keywords and links to other websites, the better you will rank on Google and other search engines.


What are SEO and SEM?

SEM on the other hand is search engine marketing, which is another term for pay-per-click advertising. You can use your keywords in Google Adwords ads and when a user clicks on your ad, they are directed to your site. SEM costs money, some companies pay big money for certain keywords and you might wish to go this way or wait until your business improves. There are advantages and disadvantages to using SEO and SEM to market your site.

With SEM one advantage is that you can pay for target keywords that your target audience is interested in. The biggest disadvantage is that is will cost you dollars every time someone clicks on your ad and if you are not converting those clicks to sales or clients, then your money is being wasted.

The best advantage of SEO is that it is free unless you employ professional SEO companies to work on your site. The obvious disadvantage of SEO is that it will take time to see targeted website traffic.

You can spend a fortune on an SEO company and you may need to do this if you are lost when it comes to SEO, or you simply might not have time to SEO your site. You pay someone to fast-track a few things and give yourself time to market your business and site in other ways. Below are some myths about website traffic and attracting visitors to your site:

Myths about Gaining Website Traffic

Myth one:

You need Google. Do not listen to people who tell you that you don’t need to rank high in Google, you do. Which search engine do most of your friends use? It has to be Google. Most people on the Internet use Google. You might hate Google because your site is not ranking or they won’t index you. Many website owners can attest to this frustration. Well, you can hate Google all you want, but they can help you. It’s not personal, just write more content and focus on what to do next.

Myth two:

You have possibly heard other site owners say there is no such thing as too much content, this is a myth, you can over-do it with your posting and sharing on your site. Try to set a schedule of about five or six posts a week and don’t share everything multiple times in two hours on Facebook or Twitter, this will annoy your friends and followers. You can promote more than once in twenty-four hours so that people on the other side of the world will see your posts. Don’t go promotion crazy.

Myth three:

Some webmasters believe that writing about yourself and your niche is what your website is for. This is such a common myth. Yes, with your blog or site you can pick and choose any writing style, but people are not there to admire your style. They want information, not read posts where you talk about yourself and your niche non-stop. Your site is about your visitors, not you. Being helpful will get you into Google’s good graces.

The above are items are a few of the most common myths that new site owners make. You are going to make mistakes, get used to it now. The upside of mistakes is that you learn something.

What you Absolutely Need to Do to Get Targeted Traffic

#1 Get Optimized with Google

Take care of Google first, as it might take a few weeks to get indexed. If you post to Google+ regularly from your site; this will help. Another thing you could do is set up Blogger as your sites blog and link to it. This might assist you as Google owns Blogger and if the crawler likes your blog, it will also crawl all of your links and where they lead to. Also pay attention to which sites are linking to you. If these sites are all about promotion and no content, Google might penalize your site.

Get Your Website Optimized With Google

Get Indexed With Google

A huge amount of your traffic will come from Google. So you need to figure out the key words you want to use to help people find your site and use those keywords in as many posts and articles as you can. Never, ever stuff your content full of your keywords just to rank in Google. Google hate this and will penalize your site and you don’t want that. So think carefully about this.

Once you think you have enough content for Google’s spider to crawl your pages, send your site’s URL to Google for indexing. Just run a Google search on “Index my site with Google.” Of course there are other things to do that will help Google to like your site, but that is coming later. Google is important in terms of getting your site out there.

#2 Make Sure You List With Yahoo and Bing

While Yahoo! and Bing are not as popular as Google’s search engine, a top search result in Bing or Yahoo! will bring you a good amount of visitors. Your traffic from Bing or Yahoo! may only be about twenty-five percent compared to what you receive from Google. Having said that; if you hold the top spot under your keywords this is a great source of free, targeted website traffic.

First you need to be active on Twitter and Facebook, if so then register for their webmaster tools. Follow the instructions, which are pretty straightforward and you will find it pretty simple to list your site with Yahoo! and Bing. The more likes and tweets you have on Facebook and Twitter respectively, the more they will like your site. Their algorithm will rank you higher.

#3 Content is King

Keep saying the above heading to yourself like a mantra, because it is true and the more quality and helpful content that is on your site, the better. Google will approve; no doubt about that. Post content as much as you can, but no more than five to six times per week. Use your keywords where possible and just keep at it. Do not give up after a month because your website traffic has not grown enough for your liking. Time and patience are essential. Join a few blogging support groups on Facebook where the members support each other. These are a great idea and these people are always open to new ideas and giving people tips and advice.

#4 Is your Site Mobile Friendly?

Your site needs to be mobile friendly. These days with many people browsing the net on their phones or tablets, you should have this set up on your site. There are plugins you can use or you could download a tutorial from the net or ask someone on Facebook who is a website owner, most people are happy to help.

Get the Mobile Version of Your Site

Get Your Website Mobile Friendly

HowToGoMo might be worth a visit. It is a website owned by Google and has all the information you need to implement this on your site.

A WordPress site has plugins for this that are easy to install and Blogger is already set up for visitors to browse the site on their phones or tablets. Check out the above link if you need more information on how to do this.

#5 Request To Guest Post on High Traffic Sites in your Niche

A lot of website owners will tell you that guest posting is all about the byline and back link to your site, but it’s not. It is about website traffic and building your credibility in your niche. A guest post on a high ranking site just might create a good flow of targeted visitors.

Find out who the high ranking people are in your niche and email them with a pitch for your post. Make sure you study their site and get an idea of what content they need. You might just get a yes if you can offer something of value they would like written for their site.

#6 Get Noticed on Social Media

Social media is one of the best ways to build website traffic and readers. Before social media became big, website owners published newsletters and created email lists. They still do that, but their promotion is more focused on places like Twitter and Facebook. Spending time engaging with people on social networks will build your followers or friends and also encourage these people to visit your site.

Social Media Can Bring In Traffic

Get Your Website Noticed Through Social Media

As always, don’t over sell it. No one online likes the hard sell, in fact they hate it. People don’t surf the net to see aggressive advertising, they are there to relax, chat with friends, or play games. If they want the hard sell, they can go and watch television. can show you how to SEO your social media profiles. This will help with indexing, ranking your site, and building targeted website traffic.

Do not forget about LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest (where you can pin photos that lead to your site or posts). Many people focus solely on Twitter and Facebook and this is a mistake, Google+ and LinkedIn are great for building traffic and making connections. Post the occasional article on LinkedIn to generate interest in your niche and every time you post, share on Google+ and Pinterest if you include photos in your article. If you are using Blogger, the page will be indexed and in the search engines much faster. It took less than twenty-four hours for one internet blogger to see positive results after he shared content on Google+.

Below is a link to more posts on Social Media

#7 – Do Not Expect High Traffic to Happen Overnight

So are you committed to working at your site and getting the kind of traffic that will make you a success in your niche or business? Are you serious about following the advice above and doing all of the suggestions to get targeted website traffic? To become successful, you need to throw your expectations of becoming an over-night sensation out of the window. Some people do not end up with a successful site, but they do build successful businesses, which opens up the door for them to pay someone to SEO their site or use SEM.

You might be a great business man or woman, but perhaps you will need a professional to help with your site. One internet marketer recently said that if you look at this realistically and follow every tip you learn, dedicate the time needed to build the traffic to your site you will get there.

Experts exist all over the net and can help with certain tasks, but it’s rare to find anyone who has fast-tracked getting website traffic. Playing around for one hour on a weekend will not get you there and that’s okay. Your business can survive without a website, while you build customers another way and work on your site when you have time. If you can dedicate about twenty to forty hours per week for the next four to six years, you will succeed. Patience is your friend. Like the famous quote, it will be worth the wait.