Some great Ways on How to Build Forum Profile Backlinks

This cost valuable method of increasing a businesses’ search engine page ranking for particular searched terms – through popular search engines by way of forum profile back links – is one of the most common search engine optimization techniques used online today. Many website owners and marketers achieve high search engine results on popular search engine websites such as Google, Yahoo and Bing (The Big 3), by cleverly including their website links in popular high ranked PR ranking forums, through forum signatures or by just inserting their website link with a profile. This method has helped many website businesses collect a greater number of visitors to their site, while ultimately improving their search engine ranking.

How to build forum profile back links

Why forums?

The forum is where internet users go to meet like minded people to share experiences and to discuss various topics of ones interest. As a business owner, forums can allow opportunities to improve business reputation and generate larger website traffic. With forums, there are opportunities to provide high quality back links to your business’s website.

The fact that Google, Bing and Yahoo (the big three) consider forums as authority sites, allows your website to be considered as a quality back link. Although this strategy can result in much success, it is not recommended to rely solely on this method for all SEO purposes.

What are the various types of forum back links (Including Profile Backlinks)?

Make All Backlinks Quality

How to Build Forum Profile Backlinks

Types of Forum Backlinks:

  • Signature Links – Found at the bottom of every comment made on a forum
  • Contextual Links – Embedded in text of comments – not all forums allow this
  • Profile Links – Filled in with the rest of profile data, when opening a new forum account. This is your profile back link

Each one of these back linking methods can be effective, however in many cases, contextual links are disallowed and if you should try such back linking method, when it isn’t allowed, your account will get banned and this in turn can hinder your business reputation and harm your search engine ranking. “The Big Three” does not tolerate spam!

Signature back links are one of the most common forum back links and are allowed by many forum owners. This can also be considered as forum profile back links, as many forum profile questions includes this field with the account creation process. Is also considered as profile back links as well.

Forum profile back links are most common as well and allowed. This is usually the only way for businesses to create a back link in a forum, so in all, the most used, but, at times not available, as with signature back links as well. In addition to profile back links, the about me section of a forum profile, is also a forum profile back link opportunity, which can allow users to include keywords and anchor text, and leave a back link in keyword anchor text.

Forum backlinks are found quickly by “The Big 3”. This is due to the typical continuous updates of forums with new content on a daily basis, which search engines go after for new content, regularly.

Page PR Ranking is Very Important

Be clear that, just because you have hundreds of back links on various forums, does not mean that your website will automatically rank higher on “The Big 3”. The PR ranking of a website has a lot to do with how “The Big 3” considers your website important and relevant. The higher the PR ranking, the higher the importance and relevance, the higher the page ranking, and if your forum profile back link is included with such websites, then your web page ranking will rank higher, versus hundreds of low ranked PR ranked pages. There are page rank checkers online, which are free, that can pull up and find PR rankings of forums.

So, in all, with how to build forum profile back links, it will take: building such links through high PR ranking websites; including a website address in a profile creation section of a forum’s account creation process – even including a signature in some cases (with reputable comments) – and in addition, including a back link with keywords and anchor texts in the about me section. Doing these recommendations will ensure that your website score high on “The Big Three” search engines and increase website traffic and business reputation in the process.