Increase Organic Reach on Facebook

Although Facebook was initially created for students, it did not take long for businesses to see it as a marketing and advertising juggernaut that it is today. Facebook has brand pages which allow users to engage and interact with their best brand which in turn has made businesses effectively market their services and products to the masses. Below are seven ways you increase organic reach on Facebook.


Consider the content that you share on this social media. It is said that a picture tells a thousand words. Images get the greatest number of likes, comments and shares of any update type. The best tweak for your page is by adding more photos in order to increase the rate of engagement. With more engagement, there is better relevance and potential interest. You can share an image and a link. If you are going to share a link, you should add an image first for you to get attention.


Images should be relevant and eye catching. A good number image updates include a visual and the key message below it. However, you can combine these two for a greater effect. Putting message into the image will ensure there is faster recognition of your key points. It is also an ideal way to maintain brand style in all your updates. If you do not have a design team, there are a lot of online tools that you can use for enhancing your images.

Call to Actions

Add a call to action for an increase in shares and likes. If you want more likes, you need to ask for them and for more shares to grow your organic contact, simply ask people to share. Updates that have a call to action such as like or share this can get a fourfold increase in the likes per post. However, you should make sure that your content is worth sharing.


Optimize the times you post for great potential reach. For an increase in organic reach, you should know when your viewers are active and when your rivals are not. A lot of trademarks stick to the normal office hours when posting on Facebook which is actually not ideal since a lot of your audiences may not be active or your competitors are active at this time as well. Know when your audience would likely be online and also check your site analytics for more clues. Use a test and roll out approach for extend of your posting times to evenings and weekends.

Engage With Your Audience

Do not forget to engage. This is not just getting likes and shares. It is more about interacting with the viewers and rewarding their time investment with some of your own. Not all posts will need a response, however with an ongoing dialogue with your fans, your brand will have an increase in potential for sharing and advocacy.

Facebook Analytics

Take advantage of competitor insights. Despite the fact that you might be a top influencer in your field, there are still a lot of things that you can learn from your competition. You might get too wrapped up in your brand that you miss out on what is really going on in the industry. The best thing with social media is the fact that it is easy to see what your rivals are doing and if their strategies are effective or ineffective. To know this, do a manual search of your competitors and you will see their posts and content which has received a lot of engagement.


There is nothing wrong with promoting your services and products every now and then. After all, your business must show off what they do. However, brands that are overly promoting might see their intended reach fade. People do not use Facebook when looking for services and products, they use it to be social and engage with people and content that they find interesting. In an effort to enhance user experience, this social media reduced overly promoting content in the newsfeed. If you will be advertising on Facebook, you should buy ads.


Social media is not easy as there are no substitutes or shortcuts for quality content. Facebook has given companies the chance to reach almost anyone. Success comes from making certain that your brand is seen and heard. It takes a lot of time and effort for one to do it right. Despite the fact that there are a lot of brands that can do it on their own in an effort to grow their presence on Facebook, sometimes businesses need some extra help.

If your business does not have the resource of an in house or cannot afford the services of a social media manager, it is advisable to get a consultant of an agency to help you steer you in the right direction. Even larger and well established brands still optimize their content strategy in order to make sure that their content is seen by their followers. It comes down to creating value for your audience.