Facebook Fan Pages

Facebook has made it possible to do business or let the world know you while you are at the comfort of your home. It’s also possible to handle more than one business since everything is done by a click of a button. This article will give you an insight of what a Facebook fan page is and its impact on business.

What is a Facebook Fan Page?

A Facebook Fan page is a public profile that was created specifically for brands, business, causes, celebrities and other organizations. Pages gain “fans” unlike personal profiles which gain “friends”. The fans are the people who choose to “like” the page. Although personal profiles can have a limited number of friends which is 5,000, pages do no limit fans. However, pages work the same way personal profiles do. This means that you can update your user’s status, events, links, videos and photos. This type of information will appear on the user’s page and on its Fan’s personal news feeds.

How Facebook Fan Page Helps a Business

When starting a business, one looks for ways of spending less and still market the business. You don’t have to spend resources to establish and maintain a Fan Page on Facebook. Here is a revelation of the ways a Facebook Fan Page can boost your business.

Establishes a Different Outpost for Your Business on the Web

Facebook Fanpage is an Outpost

Facebook Fanpages are Another Opportunity for Your Website to Get Found!

When you create a Fan Page, your business and brands will have another branding outpost on the web. This makes it easier for customers, prospects, vendors, future employees and media to find information about your business. Facebook Fan Pages are public-facing by default. This means that people don’t have to be logged into Facebook to view a brand’s or a business’s Fan Page. Your business will definitely have more access.

Drives Traffic to Your Website

You will not encounter any restrictions when it comes to driving Facebook traffic to websites. You are even encouraged by Facebook to link your website from your business’s Fan Page. You can improve the amount of qualified traffic on your website by simply redirecting a small portion of Facebook’s huge amount of daily traffic to your site.

Improves Your SEO

The new Social Search feature from Google and other search and decision engines have started indexing content created on sites such as Facebook. This means your business and brand stands a chance of getting favorable search engine results through your Fan Page content.

Engage With Your Community Easily and for Free

Facebook Fans Communicate

Social Media Will Increase Visitor Engagement

You can implement customer engagement on your own site thanks to the free alternative provided by the Facebook Fan Page. Within minutes, you can have a branded Fan Page where brand advocates and customers can post to your Facebook wall, share videos and photos and even get answers to questions they may have.

Connects Your to Your Fans and Customers

Facebook is the best social site that gives you a direct pipeline to your Fans. You can target groups or individuals by country, state, city and gender or send messages to Fans all at once. The Events Apps allows you to schedule special events or promotions and send invitation to those Fans who live near the venue where the event will take place.

Strengthens Customer Relations

Facebook Fan Pages have significantly helped business owners strengthen their relationships with customers. It does this by connecting with them in a social setting instead of a business setting. Although 90 percent of Facebook members may not shop on Facebook, they will at least expect the organizations or the businesses they deal with to have a Facebook Fan Page.

In conclusion, it is now clear that you don’t have to do anything extraordinary to have your business known to your customers. In fact, as you post updates to your Fan Page’s wall, or as a Fan interacts with your page, everything will appear in the Fan’s News Feed. This will even reach more potential Fans. This is why Facebook is the ultimate opt-in marketing tool available online today.