Generate Sales Leads Using Social Media

If you are trying to generate sales leads, it is important to follow the crowds. You will find the vast majority, if not all of them, on social media. This means that it is essential for companies to take advantage of online resources, if they want to be truly successful. With over half of all marketers now using social media platforms to boost leads, building up a strong online presence is something which your business should be thinking about.

Whilst social media offers all companies the chance to increase their revenue, it is particularly useful for smaller enterprises, which do not have the capital to invest in big bucks marketing campaigns. You do not need to be an internationally recognized brand, or even a very lucrative one, to become a success online – here are some of the best ways to generate leads using social media.

Share Relevant Content

For companies with blogs, websites, and YouTube channels, the option to cross post on social media is a valuable asset. However, all shared content must be relevant and useful to online audiences, otherwise they will choose to disregard it. You can make sure that your content is relevant by discussing, or including information about, breaking news stories and world events. In order to benefit from online interaction, you first have to be a part of it.

Always Stay Positive

One of the biggest mistakes that a company can make is to interact negatively with social media users. It is absolutely essential that you keep communication positive, polite, encouraging, and inclusive. You will inevitably run into critics, trolls, and people who do not like your brand, but you should never be drawn into an argument on social media. Instead, use the reporting and blocking functions to deal with the problem, and make sure that your audience sees you tackling it in a professional manner.

Link To Your Website

In order to generate leads using social media, online audiences have to know where to find you. This means incorporating links to your website on social media pages. They can be included in About You sections, profile descriptions, or anywhere else which is highly visible, and allows users to immediately click through to your company website. As multiple studies have proved, internet users like clickable links – they rarely follow up on company data, by manually searching for it themselves.

Search For Leads

A proportion of users do employ social media platforms as a way to find services that they need. This is particularly true in the case of B2B models, which sees companies find specific services by mining social media for information. To take advantage of this, you can switch the process around, and approach prospective clients who might be interested in working with you. For example, posting and sharing content in Facebook groups filled with users who make up your target audience.

Use Calls To Action

While it is important to find the right balance between marketing and interaction (too much direct promotion can turn users off), clear calls to action can be useful. In other words, specificity tends to be an attribute which is valued – do not go overboard with promotion and include lots of big words, just state the benefits of working with your company.

Promote Using Facebook

There is a Facebook tool which can be helpful for companies looking to generate leads using social media. It is called the Promoted Posts feature, and it allows businesses to push targeted traffic back in the direction of their websites, and hopefully up their conversion rate. The trick is make sure that your promotional content is suitably targeted, because the Facebook demographic is incredibly diverse, and content is easily lost due to imprecision.

Be Supportive and Helpful

The generation of sales leads is directly linked with online prestige, respect, and influence. In other words, the more that your audience trusts the content that you put out, the more likely they are to buy from you. This means that direct contact is very important. If you are asked questions, or given positive feedback from users, you should try very hard to offer a helpful and supportive response. Whilst this can be difficult, especially once traffic starts to increase, it shows potential customers that they are not just numbers in your marketing schemes. It demonstrates respect for them, and usually results in this respect being returned tenfold.

Incorporate a Contact Form

There are plenty of tools which can be used to incorporate simple contact forms on social media platforms. The key to success is to always be thinking about how to make interaction quicker and more efficient for prospective clients. There is nothing more important to consumers than convenience, and this includes getting in touch with your company. With a contact form, there is no need to log in to email accounts, search for company email addresses, or even manually fill in personal details (most internet users employ auto-fill tools).

Try a Google Webinar

With the Google+ Hangout function, it is possible to organize and host a webinar or podcast for free. It can take any form that you want, and voice only recordings have no limits. They can involve as many participants as you choose. The video function is a little different, and can only involve ten participants, so it is not quite as useful for businesses. In essence, the Hangout feature is just like hosting a live podcast, so use it to offer prospective customers valuable information or advice.


For online brands, being able to generate leads using social media is very important. In fact, it could even be argued that modern companies cannot survive without this ability. The internet is the forum for almost all of our transactions these days, and to understand it is to benefit from it. If you want to continue growing and expanding your enterprise, it is time to take part in this brave new world.