Social Media Terms

As blog writers and website owners it is nearly impossible to be successful without having Facebook Fan Pages and Twitter accounts. The internet is constantly coming up with new trends and different ways to market your website. Some of these methods are very trendy and its tough sometimes just trying to keep up. Today I’ll be going over the top ten social media terms and what they mean (at the time of writing this post). This article will help you stay current and get a better understanding of some of how to use these terms; keeping you up with the times.

Here are the Top 10 Social Media Terms

1. Tweets

These are messages you send out via Twitter. They are generally short and have a limit of 140 characters. This often leads to you having to be crafty when sending out your message. It is a relatively short learning curve on finding ways around the character limit of each Tweet. Once you get the hang of being brief but informative this microblogging website will help build you a following and be a great way to gain traffic to your website.

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2. Hashtag

A hashtag is always preceded by the “#” symbol also called a pound or number sign. This Twitter term is mainly used to tag a Tweet. By tagging a Tweet with hashtags you are able group it with similar topics. For example if I were tweeting about this topic on Twitter I would include the hashtag #socialmedia. By doing this anyone searching for more topics on social media would be able to find all the  tweets that had a social media hashtag. This includes people that don’t follow you, making it a great way to attract new followers.

3. Search Engine Optimization or SEO

Although not number one on this list you will probably hear this term more than most. Search Engine Optimization is increasing the visibility of your website in search engines. Though not normally associated with social media, a high profile on websites like Facebook and Twitter can impact your SEO.  If done correctly this widely used practice will help you gain more “natural” or “organic” traffic to your website through search queries.

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4. Retweet

When someone in Twitter shares something you tweeted it is called a retweet. Retweets are a great way to gain more twitter followers. Tweets are seen by those who follow you, when someone retweets you then your tweet is seen by their followers as well. This is particularly beneficial when someone who is an authority in your niche retweets something of yours. By getting retweeted you further your influence and reach in the Twitter community.

5. Trending

If something is “trending” it mean that particular topic is currently popular. For example if Russell Crowe had a movie that just released in theaters it could become a topic that a lot of people are currently talking about. When this happens it is considered “trending”. By following trends that are relevant to your niche you increase the likely hood of getting found by people searching for that topic. This is good especially for hot trends with low competition.


Mainly used in Twitter this term refers to those people who have chosen to receive notifications when there is an action in your account. Twitter follows see the new tweets of those they follow, Facebook followers see new posts. Whenever someone clicks the  follow option on your page they become a “follower”. This also applies for Pinterest and Instagram. Facebook Fan page followers are known as “Fans”.

7. Engage

This is a term you should get very familiar with and practice as often as possible. Conversing or “engaging” with your social media community means you are interacting with them. This can include answering questions, bringing up niche (and unrelated) topics that get conversations going, and so on. The more you “engage” with your community the stronger your connection will become with your visitors/readers. I saw an interview with a social media expert on the news one night, and she gave, what I thought, the best advice regarding social media. She advised “If you want to be successful in social media, you must be social.”  Her quote sums up the meaning of “engage” rather nicely.


This includes any video, photo, post, website page and so on that you share with your social media network. This allows your friends, fans, and more people you interact with to see interesting content that you have found and “shared”.

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9. Viral

This is usually associated with videos. It can be for anything that has become popular through the process of sharing.

10. Circles

Circles are when you post certain content that is only seen by people in your circle. This feature is only currently done in Google+.

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There are the top ten Social Media Terms. Remember there are constantly new trends and terms coming out. While this article goes over the current top ten it is always a good idea to stay ahead of the game and keep up with the trends. I hope this list has been helpful. If you feel that I haven’t included one that you think should be on there be sure and let us know in the comments.