Top Social Media Marketing Mistakes

Social media is the most popular online activity and that is the reason why most businesses want to tap into that audience in order to try and increase sales. Simply opening an account or event sending out tweets is not enough to make this platform a viable and profitable part of your marketing strategy. By avoiding some basic missteps, a lot of businesses will be able to create more opportunities from your accounts. Below are top social media marketing mistakes that one should avoid.

1. Acting without a plan

Planning is very important. A solid plan is going to relieve you from a lot of chaos and stress that comes with managing different accounts. However, most companies start participating and promoting on social media without even coming up with a plan. Social media plays a vital role in creating awareness of your brand.

Do not forget that those who follow you on these networks are people who are familiar with your brand. They expect to see interesting content from you to guide their buying decisions. One of the easiest ways you can make them not interested in your brand is by posting self centric and unappealing content. Plan ahead in regard to how you want to portray your brand and then connect with your prospects.

2. Ignoring complaints posted on social networks

You should know that customers that are not pleased use social media to vent their frustrations. A lot of studies show that brands have been ignoring their clients and treating this platform as a one way marketing channel which is a big mistake. Not replying to complaints is going to cause a lot of damage to your standing in a different ways.

People are giving you their valuable feedback and not responding to it will annoy them and you risk losing them forever. There is also a high chance that these customers will leave their negative reviews about your services or products on other networking channels which will ruin the status of your company. It is also vital to realize that when a negative comment is posted, all your followers can see it. If you do not attend to it, it is going to decrease their trust in your which will be harmful to your brand later on.

3. Promoting your services and products to everyone.

This is one of the most common mistakes that people make. With this type of platform allows you to target people on the basis of their likes and dislikes among other things. As you are promoting your brand, make sure you are targeting people that are directly or even indirectly related to it. Context is everything. You have to craft compelling content for your targeted audience in order to get higher conversions.

4. Posting irrelevant or boring content

There are no short cuts when it comes to creating informative and engaging content. Therefore you need to create content that will solve the pain points of your customers and educate them about your products rather than doing self promotion all the time. A lot of businesses make the mistake of posting their content and then wait for it to spread on its own.

There is no point in posting content if it is boring and not relevant. Your content needs to encourage people to take part in your discussions. Not only is social media a good place to advertise, but also a good way to build your brand.

5. Putting a lot of focus on numbers

The amount of followers you have does not matter. You may have a million followers but if they do not have the need and capacity to buy your products or services, then they will be of no use to you. Targeting such people is like targeting an empty crowd. Instead of putting all your attention on numbers, focus on people that matter and those who are really interested in your services and products.

6. Giving your customers products they are not looking for

Promoting your products is a good thing but you should not overdo it or promoting old stock time and again. These days, consumers are spoilt for choice. A lot of businesses make the assumption that what they are selling is what the consumer is looking for. It is very important for businesses to provide products to their customers that they are looking for.

7. Posting too often or too less

Come up with a plan before you start posting on social media. Once you are active online, it is vital that you keep all your accounts updated on a regular basis. If you do not post constantly, people will drive away from you.

Frequency of updates also plays an important role in engaging your audience. A lot of people think that posting a lot of updates will make them more visible but in reality, it annoys people forcing them to unlike your page or not follow you anymore.

8. Chasing every social media platform

Focusing on all networking groups is not a good idea as it calls for a lot of effort and resources. You should focus on the ones that are mostly used by your customers. Most businesses think that social media is the best place to build their brand. While it is vital to build your brand, do not forget to interact.

Facebook and twitter is a two way street. You can talk to your customers and they also have a way of talking back to you. Focus on creating a long term relationship with them so that you can win your trust before you start promoting your services and products across social media.


Know that the fundamentals of social media marketing is all about making a connection with people and not just selling your products and services. People are looking for value as well as a quick fix to their problems but they will buy from you when they are ready and not when you are ready. This type of marketing is just another channel to have in your marketing plan. Sales via social media sites take time and have to be obtained passively and not through aggressive acts.