What is YouTube?

Youtube is a website that allows people to upload, share and view videos. This site is the third most popular on the internet with over 1 billion unique viewers every month. Founders Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim started Youtube in 2005. Since that time it has evolved into one of the biggest media outlets in the world.

Youtube has been able to provide the average person with a means to display their musical talent, comedic abilities, acting skills and it is also an outlet that allows people to voice their opinion. With Youtube, people can build their brand, televise their own show and advertise for their own business.

Business and Brand Marketing

Businesses have taken advantage of Youtube’s video format and use it to air commercials, provide users with product videos and to connect with potential clients through marketing videos. Stars, athletes and actors typically upload comments and snippets from their everyday lives that make them more accessible to their fans and the general public.

YouTube Fame

With YouTube you can share your thoughts/ideas with new people and build a following.

Youtube is also a great tool for discovering new talent. Since the internet has given the average person the ability to upload their own music, produce their own films and to create their own shows; there has been some people who used this platform to launch their careers. Justin Bieber is one star who had a meteoric rise that first began on Youtube. People also use Youtube to connect with family members and to communicate with friends.

Viewership and Youtube

When it comes to uploading videos and content most people believe that their videos are worth watching. Since this is the case, people constantly compete for viewership. The more views that a person has; it will open up more opportunities for that individual. This is especially true for people who are trying to get discovered on Youtube or for organizations that are trying to promote their products or services on this channel.

Quality Gets YouTube Views

High quality videos that are relevant will get you the most natural YouTube views.

The best way that people can get a lot of views on Youtube is to provide viewers with high quality work that they would be interested in seeing. People who can really sing, dance or act could use Youtube to showcase their talent. If they are a real talent, people will eventually take notice. So the best thing that a person can do to make themselves stand out from the competition is to make sure that they have a polished product that has a professional quality.

High viewership is also dependent on other factors such as providing good descriptions of your work and sharing videos with other people. Keep in mind that the social media aspect of Youtube is an important component of this video sharing site. When it comes to connecting to more viewers, people will eventually have to start linking their content to other webpages, blogs, videos and social media profiles. They will have to do this to make more contacts. Again, if a video is of high quality and has subject matter worth viewing, it will eventually be noticed by a lot of people.

People should also share their videos toward their target audience. This means that a person will have to think about when is the best time to present their work to people who more than likely will like their videos. They should also consider releasing videos during the prime time night hours and on the weekend.

*The following bonus material will describe the best time for a person to upload a Youtube video.

Peak YouTube Upload Times

Wednesdays and Thursdays between 12pm and 2pm are the best video upload times for YouTube.

Guidelines to follow when uploading new YouTube videos:

  • People should upload their video between 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. This will coincide with Youtube’s peak time which is between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. Keep in mind that all videos will take at least an hour to upload.
  • Make sure to upload a video during peak times on Wednesday and Thursday. These two days are the busiest out of the week for Youtube viewers.
  • The most popular categories to watch videos include sports, entertainment, music, comedy and news and politics. Since these are the reigning categories that people will more than likely view, a person should somehow fit their video content to blend in with at least 1 of these 5 different subjects.
  • Keep videos under 10 minutes long. Preferably 5 minutes or less. Unless a person has a really compelling piece to offer; most people probably will not want to see anything longer than 10 minutes.
  • Allow ratings to be submitted since they can help to influence viewership. After all people like to watch videos that other people approve.
  • People should also use captions (in a different language) and subtitles can also increase popularity. Another thing that will help to boost viewership is to share the video on a popular social network including Facebook and Twitter.

SEO Descriptions and Youtube

Creating good descriptions also plays a big role with a video’s success. A good description could help a person’s video to receive a high ranking on search engines. It can also help a particular video to get noticed on different websites and pages.

Keep in mind that people on the internet do not like to search for information beyond the third page of a search engine. In some cases they will not move beyond the second page. The average person’s search habits are brutal for most websites, blogs and videos that are ranked on the third page or beyond. Millions of people are literally competing for the first page on a search engine and they are really fortunate to get a second page listing on a search engine.

Keywords on YouTube

Be sure to put keywords in key points in the description of your YouTube videos.

Since the competition for first (and second) page listing is fierce people must know how to use search engine optimization or SEO. Search engine optimization requires the use of specific keywords related to a particular subject being used to describe a particular subject. The keywords have to be placed at key points within a description. Usually keywords must appear at the front and at the end of information describing a video. However, they can also be placed in the middle part of a description if a person decides to write an article or blog post on a subject.

When it comes to writing SEO content for videos; people should not use more than three keywords about a subject within the description. They should also write accurate and appropriate descriptions and this includes accurately naming videos. Writing a compelling title that draws attention is also helpful. Using the best tags or words related to a video will also help a particular piece to get more views.

Youtube and its Promotional Outreach

Youtube has the ability to be used as a promotional tool. In other words companies, businesses and individuals can use Youtube to advertise their brand and to market to consumers. The following information will explain how this can be accomplished.

How to Advertise With YouTube

By advertising on YouTube you will be able to get your business, website, or brand in front of new potential visitors and fans.

The founders of Youtube have set up personalized packages for businesses that offer them the ability to connect with millions of people all over the web. Since the site generates over 1 billion unique viewers within a month, businesses have an unlimited consumer base that they can access.

Companies can benefit from Youtube by being able to:

  • Target potential customers by demographics, topics or interests.
  • Uploading commercials to coincide with specific videos on the site. They can also determine what locations their ad will appear in and in what format it will be presented.
  • Share interesting content.
  • Being able to personalize their brand.
  • Having the opportunity to evaluate feedback, comments and interaction with viewers.
  • Integrating this medium through social media outlets.

Businesses will also be able to:

  • Demonstrate Expertise and Products
  • Create a Community
  • Showing off their brand
  • Solve Customers Problems

The average person can also use most of the same techniques as businesses to reach potential fans or viewers as well.

How to Make Compelling Videos

Viewers are predictable but they are hard to figure out. For example, there have been plenty of television shows and movies that were produced to be big hits but ended up doing terrible in the ratings and at the box office. The same is also true for many artists and music groups that released an album expecting it to do well, but somehow it ends up performing terribly in the market.

All of this was stated to make a point. A person can make a video that has high quality, good content and that has been expertly produced but it still is a flop. Why? Sometimes viewers just are not interested in a work no matter how good it is. A lot of times it is just a crapshoot to see if a video will do well or not. However, there are some things that people can do to give themselves the edge when making a video for Youtube.

Your YouTube Checklist

YouTube Checklist

Cover your bases with this YouTube Checklist.

Must haves in YouTube:

  1. Set up a channel so that it can be integrated with social media and so that people can have easy access to videos.
  1. Develop different types of videos for subject matter. A business should develop unique videos for their products and services from different perspectives. Individuals should make different videos about the type of subject matter that is available on their sight. Also, find a way to create content that can be placed into other categories without losing its original purpose.

*For example, a company that sells lunch meat could promote a video about how their product could be used for sandwiches on long road trips. This might be a stretching it a bit but it does give a company the potential to reach into markets that would not typically be available to this brand. Individuals can also take the same logic when creating some material for their videos.

  1. Consistently analyze and engage an audience. Remember that audiences are made up of people and most people typically change over time. Since this is the case, a Youtube video producer should also understand the nature of their changing audiences. Evaluating traffic, demographics and subscribers is a great way to gain feedback for making better videos within the future.
  1. Whenever a person produces a video they should always keep these key factors in mind if they want to improve their chances for success:
  • What is your message?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What type of conversations do you want?
  • What are your in-house capabilities? In other words, are you able what kind of equipment and resources do you have available for producing your material. Your in-house capability will limit you on the type of videos that you can produce.
  • What is your Budget? While it is true that people can produce a video for free, keep in mind that some higher end productions will require the use of money.
  • Figure out where you want to be seen.
  • Keep the video simple and uncomplicated. People want to be able to understand your meaning without having to figure things out. However, this approach might work in some case but for the most part keep it simple.
  • Again, keep your videos under 5 minutes (preferably down to 3:30).


Ultimately, there is no guaranteed way for a person to make a Youtube video that will be guaranteed to be a big hit and get lots of viewers. While it is true that music stars, trailers and established media personalities will usually get big numbers for the material they release; they are not always guaranteed to have high ratings either.

Again, fans and viewers are not always predictable. The main thing to remember is that people need to make videos that are relevant, sensible and of good quality. Sometimes, making a random video of people doing funny or crazy things will work out just fine. Why? Because real life is often funny, unpredictable and full of special moments worth capturing. People should think of Youtube as more than just a medium for uploading video related content to gain views, fans and sales. It can also be used as a portal for detailing the meaningful and meaningless moments that occur in people’s lives.