Some Tips On Using the Right Hashtags

Although social media is teaming up with hashtags, its power cannot be underestimated. Its usefulness is seen on how information is spread and how it helps with online searches. It is for this reason that you are using social media as your marketing strategy, you need to use hashtags in your marketing strategy.

Hashtags inform people of your latest events, campaigns and products. It also helps one to gain reach for their brand, increasing exposure and helping people to easily locate you and your brand. Using them makes communication easier with audience and networks within your industry.

Things to Consider Before You Start

Choosing the right hashtag for your brand is the hard part. These are the things to take into account when looking for the perfect one. Make it concise. Hashtags work well when they are short and straight to the point. Since they developed on twitter and have a one hundred and forty character limit, they are the best for short messaging.

Short hashtags allow marketers to incorporate them in different marketing channels with ease. Those that are too long will distract instead of attracting. They also make it hard for social fans to use and share them on networks that have character limits besides being unpleasant and hard to read.

Your Hashtags Need to be Conversational

Make it conversational. Hashtags are more effective when they have the ability to start a conversation or be the focus of a topic. Interactive hashtags encourage the engagement and motivate brand relevant user generated content. This is also going to grow the virality of your brand via word of mouth shares. They also need to be contextual and easy to integrate into statements.


Make it unique. When you use a hashtag that already exists, you risk your brand getting lost in the shuffle. You can avoid this by creating an original one that makes some statement about your brand and also reflects your most current message. Unique ones have the ability to build some momentum for campaigns by setting up slogans and generating excitement.

Use Your Hashtags Where Appropriate

You need to know where to use the hashtags. Do not use them on LinkedIn or email. There are a lot of platforms which support the use of hashtags therefore the need to know the best practice for each. Currently, these are the major social networks that support the use of hashtags. Facebook, Pinterest, Google +, Intagram, Twitter and Tumblr.

Relevance is Key

Make it relevant. When you are vague with a hashtag, you are not going to get the audience that you want. If the hashtag is working and people are having a conversation around it, it is driving in traffic and even helping you trend, you need to stick with it.

See What Others Are Doing

You can search for hashtags that are trending by using tools which are used by social media agencies to help seek out the relevant words to use when trying to reach target audience. Hashtagify is an important tool that is to be used when trying to find the best Twitter hashtag to use in order to reach target audience. You will also be able to see other hashtags that are related to the ones you are searching for and their influencers.

Use Third Parties to Help in Your Search

Rite Tag can also be used to find the right hashtag. You can see those that are currently trending. What most people find attractive about this tool is the fact that when you search for a specific hashtag, the results will be color coded indicating if what you have searched is not used, has been overused, is good or great. This will help you to make an informed decision on which one to choose for posts.

Social Media Analytics

Talkwalker is social media monitoring and analytical tool that is easy to use. It goes way beyond simply tracking hashtags that are trending but also gives one data for geographical distribution and gender distribution as well as your competitors’.


Now that you are familiar with hashtags, how the operate and the online communication power they hold, different ways that you can use them to increase social media engagement and a few tools to help you select trending hashtags that will get people to interact with you, sign in to your twitter or any other social media platform you opt to start engaging with people that share similar interests and enjoy using that symbol.

Different types of businesses can benefit by using hashtags within their social media marketing strategy. If you wan to get new audience, establish a bran presence or even create new lines of communication or interaction with your customers on social media, create a hashtag for your next campaign.