LinkedIn Reputation

What is LinkedIn?

First lets talk about what LinkedIn is exactly. LinkedIn is for business professionals to network. Its a great way to generate sales leads, find business partners, and even get a job. In short it is Facebook for the business world.

Below is a great article if you want more detail about how LinkedIn works and the history behind it.

Still with me? Ok, now that you know what LinkedIn is and how it can help your business let’s dive in. Here are 6 need to know tips to get the most out of LinkedIn when it comes to your business:

1. Use the Right Keywords for Your Profile

People will find you mainly through LinkedIn’s search engines. Since getting found is the first step in building a reputation good keywords are paramount. Make your profile easy to find with relevant keywords. It’s also important to remember certain keywords will help your credibility. In your strategy plan on how your keywords will be included in your profile. Some of the best places to do this are:

LinkedIn Profile Keywords

Put relevant keywords in locations on your profile that will be view immediately.

  • Company Names
  • Job Titles
  • Headlines
  • Skills

When people are looking at your profile the will most likely look at these points. This is why it is best to include your keywords where they can see them immediately.

2. Show Off a Little

This doesn’t really work if you were writing an article. You don’t see a lot of people willing to read 2,000 words on your accomplishments. The great thing about LinkedIn is there is a section just for bragging. You can list your achievements there. Its a great way to show off your skills and let your colleagues know you are professional. Stay honest here though. LinkedIn does have a reporting system. It pretty much allows people to report inaccurate information to LinkedIn.

3. Connect to People You Know

Now a days you can buy Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers and yes, even LinkedIn contacts. Connecting with just anyone through paid services or just random searching won’t help your cause. This kind of approach defeats the purpose of social media accounts and more so LinkedIn. The idea is the more people you reach out to and “network” with the better. While this is true to an extent LinkedIn connections are best made with people you really know.

Make Connections With Real People

Making connections with real people you know will greatly help your efforts.

You are building a reputation here. Do you want a community of people around you that you don’t know? Surrounding yourself with strangers or fake accounts will keep you from utilizing profile building tools provided. Real people you know can give you real recommendations and endorsements. Building something slow and steady is always better than the quick fix. Take your time here.

4. Join Professional Groups

While linking with complete strangers isn’t a good idea you can, and should, join professional groups. Groups allow people in similar lines of work the opportunity to network. Groups are a great way to get to know others and build new connections.

Selecting appropriate groups will also help your reputation. Any group you join will be listed on your profile. This lets your visitors know what groups you are involved in and helps them get a better understanding of your interests.

5. Be a Blogger

LinkedIn has a blogging feature that allows you to share content without having to create your own blog. This is a great time saver for the busy professional. If you want to take advantage of this platform be careful not to use any slurs, cursing, etc. Any information that you put here can be shared. Because of this it is also important you check for any inaccurate information before posting.

Have you already written content on another website? Great, LinkedIn has a share feature that allows you to share content from other sites.

6. Constantly Adapt

Making a few connections and setting up a solid profile won’t be enough in the grand scheme of things. Social media will take ongoing work that involves constant tweaking. You need to keep engaged with any community you hope to grow in and LinkedIn is no different. Build your reputation with endorsements and credibility. This isn’t something that will happen overnight. If you take the time and really connect with people in your industry you will make new connections and open up opportunities.